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Flipkart and Amazon Fee Calculator

Flipkart and Amazon Fee Calculator

Hi, my name is Paras and I welcome you to Marketplace Calculator for both Amazon and Flipkart developed by me after working in e-commerce industry (8 years and counting), where I handled the core marketplace PnL for both the platforms. This 2 in 1 Amazon & Flipkart calculator is equipped with features which supports fee, revenue and profit calculations. I have also added a special feature that will show your costing breakup in a chart format. Hence, making things easier for you to understand and calculate your spend. It also supports products from all categories like clothings, books, home decor, appliances etc. You just need to give it few inputs and it will do the rest. Go ahead and download it!

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Multi platform support

Cut the daily paperwork. Set aside the excel sheets. This tool supports both Flipkart and Amazon.

All category support

It supports every category listed on both the platform. From clothing, books to appliances, it supports all of them.

Cost breakup Chart

Visualise the data in a simple chart formation. Track, check & monitor the major costing areas.

GST complianced

The Calculator is GST compliance. It takes into account the GST value entered by you & includes it in the final result.

Frequently Asked Questions -

Yes, the marketplace calculator is created for both Amazon and Flipkart sellers.

It supports every category listed on Amazon & Flipkart. Just enter the commission rate in the calculator and it will do the calculation for you.

Yes, this calculator works on every device including laptop and desktop. You just need Microsoft excel installed in your system to run its program.

In order to use the product. You need to click the Download Now button. At checkout, enter your correct details like name and email id, then click the Free Download button. It will take you to the Thank You page where it can be downloaded easily. Alternatively, you will also receive an email with a product download link.

If you face any issue with your download. Please drop an email to admin@katochtubes.com. You query will be resolved on priority.

Yes, the calculator is FREE. It can be downloaded from anywhere.

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What customers say

"Totally worth the purchase. I wasn't able to calculate the exact profit I am making per sale on marketplace. This tool has definitely helped me in getting hold of online business"
Danish khan
Seller Amazon & Flipkart
"Very easy to use and understand. Equipped with both Flipkart and Amazon fee calculator. This tool is worth the price. Give it a go!"
Seller Amazon & Flipkart
"We have 1000 plus skus on Amazon, the problem is calculating the estimated cost per product. This tool comes to our rescue. Easy to use and understand.
Rajesh NaiDu
Seller Amazon
"It was always confusing to perform daily calculation on every product. Now i just need to enter my cost and the results are displayed in an instant"
Anil Kumar
Retail Planner
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