RealZoo Yipy mocks Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo by developing the game concept within hours

Game developer Yipy launches RealZoo and proved how fast the concept of CryptoZoo can be developed & launched.

Famous YouTuber Logan Paul is under the scanner. His blockchain NFT project “CryptoZoo” has been accused of misleading investors and labelled as a rug pull scam by none other than CoffeeZilla, another famous YouTuber who exposed Paul in a video series.

CryptoZoo is a Play-to-Earn game built on Binance Smart Chain (BNB). The game is based on trading, breeding and collecting animals like the famous Pokemon game. Doing so will allow users to earn $ZOO tokens.

According to CoffeeZilla, CryptoZoo is nothing but a rug pull scheme where Paul has used his celebrity image to sell NFTs before the actual launch of the game but the project has failed to deliver since the game isn’t yet payable.

He went ahead and talked to the game developer who confirmed that the game development has been stalled since Logan Paul failed to pay them for the work done.

To clear the air, Paul released a new video stating that he unknowingly hired multiple criminals & conmen who lead and developed his crypto NFT project ‘CryptoZoo’. Moreover, the game is complex and will take time to release.

After making his video public, Game developer ‘It’s Yipy‘ took the challenge and worked on CryptoZoo’s concept. He developed the game called RealZoo within hours and launched it. Surprisingly, he witnessed over 50,000 new accounts registered on the platform within 3 days.

According to Yipy, the game brings in a few thousand dollars daily. Ludwig, the famous content creator and streamer was the first to find RealZoo. Therefore, the developers & the team decided to name the rarest combination after him.

Ludwig bred a pug and a duck, so the developers changed the image of the bred animal to Ludwig, the card was named “Puckwig” with a daily yield of 16,000.

The success has surprised Yipy, who is now committed to developing it into a full-fledged player-vs-player game. The game is working but a lot of work needs to be done to make it more engaging and rewarding for the users.

Meanwhile, Logan Paul is busy answering to the investors while his game reaches a dead end before the launch. Let’s wait for updates from both CryptoZoo and RealZoo.

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