Who is il Capo of Crypto? Why is he the most searched man in the crypto community?

il Capo of Crypto is a pseudonym used by an ace crypto trader who predicted the fall of Bitcoin to $21,000 when it peaked $69,000 during the bull run.

It was back in 2021 when the world of cryptocurrency was full of life. Every other coin was pumping days after the launch on centralized or decentralized exchanges. The heydays for both Bitcoin & Ethereum reaching all-time highs since inception.

No one predicted that the bull run will come to a screeching halt in the following year but il Capo of Crypto. He was one of the few traders who rightfully predicted the fall of Bitcoin from $69,000 to below $21,000 in 2022.

il Capo has no relation with Capo Crypto which is a scam project

The real face of the trader is a mystery. However, he is popularly searched by his Twitter handle il Capo of Crypto. He calls himself a crypto analyst, swing trader & long-term analyst who’s trading cryptos since 2017.

il Capo of Crypto has over 695K followers on Twitter. The trader is very active on Twitter, posting tweets about his next move and predictions almost every day.

On July 8th, he successfully predicted the fall of altcoins by 45% – 50% from the existing levels. His main target for Bitcoin remains between the range of $15,000 – $16,200. Surprisingly, we’re already at $16,500 at the time of writing this post.

Taking a cue from his pinned tweet. He expects the market to go down further, especially shitcoins getting dumped by 90%. He has further revised his target level for top coins as seen in one of his tweets.

Though his predictions are on point, we strongly suggest our readers to do the due diligence before investing in any virtual digital assets. Be it cryptocurrency or NFT, the risk of investment is always high in volatile assets.

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