Valorant crypto throwers are becoming a nuisance for the game players

Crypto betting is affecting content creators and players of the Valorant video game

Shilling tokens & Crypto gambling are nothing new in the crypto industry. However, things got a little out of hand when such practices trespasses on other popular channels like gaming. Irritated from such practices, professional athlete Travis “tdawgg” Regan exposed such practices & the groups involved.

Irritated by the crypto betting groups, cheaters and Valorant crypto throwers, ‘Tdawgg’ posted relevant screenshots and posted a video to explain the gravity of the situation and the need to address it immediately.

He also uncovered the names of the users involved in crypto betting and urges players to stop streaming to help Riot games investigate the matter.

Crypto betting in video games has been part of the gaming culture since the inception of crypto coins. Valorant game isn’t the only game affected by such act, there are throwers who trade wins to earn money.

Such practices are getting popular in every popular game. However, an excessive surge in crypto betting has disturbed the fair play in the gaming ecosystem. Many creators came forward in support of ‘tdawgg’ recent move.

In simple terms, crypto betting disturbs the fair outcome of the game. It is designed to force a match’s outcome to ensure profits, thus discouraging new and naive players joining the game.

The crypto better is interested in winning the money than winning the game. He intentionally lose the game if his money is parked with the opponent’s team and vice versa, discouraging the fair gameplay policy.

Esports betting is legal in many countries. However, it has been misused by crypto betters who find a way to surpass the legal barriers. The Valorant pro community has urged an investigation into this matter.

Meanwhile, Riot Games will investigate the issue to minimize the occurrence of such events.

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