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Top 5 AI tokens riding the gains in the crypto market

top 5 ai tokens ruling the crypto industry

ChatGPT and Google BARD hype drove the price of these AI tokens by up to 16%

It took 5 days for ChatGPT to hit 1 million registered users. To join the race, Google launched BARD, an Artificial intelligence chatbot that works like ChatGPT. The hype drove the price of promising AI tokens, some of which hit 10X gains in the recent spike. Here’s the list.

1. DeepBrain Chain: Launched in 2017, the project aims to build scalable and high computing power networks based on blockchain technology. The project is set on three pillars i.e high-performance computing network, blockchain mainnet and GPU computing mainnet.

Its native DBC token rallied in the AI hype and jumped by over 1400%. The token can be traded on the crypto exchange.

2. SingularityNet: It is the world’s first decentralized AI marketplace running on the blockchain. Its mission is to create decentralized, democratic, inclusive and beneficial Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) free from central control.

The native token AGIX jumped $0.66 from $0.04 after ChatGPT news hit the market this year. The token is listed on the Binance exchange.

3. Botto: The project debuted as a decentralized autonomous artist. It creates works of art based on the community’s feedback. Its art engine has been trained on millions of images enabling it to generate 4000 unique images per week.

Every week, the most popular generative art is minted on the Ethereum network and sold at auction. Its native BOTTO token hit over 600% in the recent jump hitting over $0.50.

4. The project wants to develop AI platforms and services that let anyone build and deploy them with ease. The ecosystem works on multi-agent systems, letting different stakeholders build the system than relying on a single developer group.

Its native FET token hit 500% rising to $0.60 in the recent spike. The token can be traded on top crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase.

5. Numeraire: Numerai, an AI-run crowd-sourced hedge fund is the company behind Numeraire (NMR) token. Its software enables users to trade stocks on the Ethereum blockchain.

The token jumped 100% gaining $21.00 in the recent spike.

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