The story of Charlie Bit my Finger NFT. One of the earliest videos to go viral on YouTube

The viral clip ‘Charlie Bit my Finger’ was auctioned as an NFT for $760,999 in 2021.

It was back in 2007 when the concept of video creation was still a new thing to internet users. Howard Davies-Carr uploaded a short clip of his sons on YouTube to show to their grandparents. Little did he know that the clip will help his family make a fortune.

The video that was meant for the family was viewed by the growing YouTube audience, making it one of the most viewed and liked videos of all time. Some 14 years and around 900 million views later, the original clip was auctioned as an NFT.

It was a fierce battle between two pseudonym accounts ‘3fmusic’ and ‘mememaster’. ‘3fmusic’ eventually outbids ‘mememaster’ and won the auction. The NFT was sold for $760,999, helping the family raise money for university education.

The auction was facilitated by Origin Protocol which offers NFT and DeFi services to its clients. One of its product Origin Story acts as a virtual shop for marketing, trading and dropping NFTs.

After being interviewed by BBC, Howard (father) said that he has made approximately £1,000,000 off the video over the years but kept the children grounded. He also encourages the two brothers ‘Harry’ and ‘Charlie’ not to let the fame get to their heads.

The original clip has been taken down from YouTube after the auction.

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