NBA legend Scottie Pippen’s NFT collection sold out in 77 seconds overshadowing Trump NFT cards

NBA star sold out the complete NFT collection in 77 seconds breaking Sir Anthony Hopkins record.

Scotty Maurice Pippen is a former American professional basketball player. At his peak, he won six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls. The star announced his partnership with Orange Comet, a web3 firm known for launching exclusive NFT collections with top celebrities.

The NFT collection named “Scottie Pippen SP33” was launched on Dec 20, 2022. It sold out in 77 seconds as claimed by Orange Comet. The collection consists of 1000 unique NFT Metaverse-wearable sneakers.

The initial mint price was 0.2 ETH ($240). At the time of writing, the price nearly surged 2X at 0.34 ETH. The project is built on the Ethereum network and the items can be bought from the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

Users who minted these sneakers are eligible to receive special rewards. The owners will receive a mystery box and 3D animation from Orange Comet. The mystery box will contain unique digital art which can be claimed later in 2023.

To add cherry on top, Scottie Pippen will randomly select 66 NFT owners. The first 33 NFT owners will receive physical sneakers autographed by Pippen and the rest of the users i.e remaining 33 NFT owners will receive $100 discount voucher from the sneaker brand.

The best isn’t over yet. Two randomly chosen NFT owners will get a chance to play a private golf game with Pippen and one lucky winner will receive a VIP dinner with Pippen and a tour of Scottie Pippen’s hometown. Better deal than Donald Trump NFT cards?

Orange Comet also launched Sir Anthony Hopkin’s (who played Odin in Thor) NFT collection in Oct 2022. It contained 1,000 unique NFTs featuring the original cinematic art piece from the career of star Hollywood actor. The collection sold out within 7 minutes.

Earlier Donald Trump launched Trump NFT cards. 45,000 NFTs each at the initial mint price of just $99. The complete collection was sold out within 12 hours making him 4.45 million.

The down market has surely responded well to the celebrity NFT collections. NFTs seem to have a higher chance of adoption in 2023. Brands like Starbucks, Ferrari & Porsche have opened doors for NFT adoption. The growth of industry may have slowed down but it’s imminent.

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