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All you need to know about NFT NYC 2023 event

nft nyc 2023 event dates and tickets price

NFT.NFC 2023 is back to Time Square & Hudson Yards. Check the dates shared in the post.

Founded by Jodee Rich & Cameron Bale, NFT.NYC is a community event for blockchain and NFT enthusiasts. Started in 2018, the event attracts speakers, thought leaders, other communities and top influencers from the NFT industry to discuss the future of NFTs and related technology.

The event highlights are debates, talks, workshops, knowledge transfer and brand exhibitions. The best part of NFT.NYC is its ability to provide a platform for brands, NFT creators & collectors to network under one roof while engaging themselves in various activities.

NFT.NYC 2023 will attract the global NFT community to New York City with 16000+ attendees from over 70 countries. Immutable X, Polygon, Coinbase, Tron DAO, Moonpay and Ledger are some of the brands participating in the event.

The 2023 event will be held from April 12th to April 14th in Time Square & Hudson Yards. The registration starts April 11th from 12 pm onwards followed by VIP and Speaker Dinner on the same day (6 pm – 9 pm) for VIP ticket holders and approved Speakers.

Aprile 12th – April 14th are reserved for general sessions, exhibitions & networking. The tickets can be booked online from Eventbrite starting at $529.

Immutable X, the leading layer-2 blockchain for NFTs on Ethereum is the title sponsor of NFT.London & NFT.NYC. The tickets for NFT.NYC will be minted on Immutable X along with NFT ‘Swag Bags’ which will be distributed to the NFT attendees.

2022 has been a tough ride for the NFT market. The market cap has deteriorated in the bear market. However, NFT adoption has picked up steam after mainstream brands opened up for NFT integration into their businesses.

Brands like Starbucks and Porsche have announced NFT plans for 2023. Starbucks is launching NFT based rewards program called Starbucks Odyssey for its customers while Porsche has announced the launch of 7500 NFT collectibles in January 2023.

NFT can become the next big feature for the crypto industry after DeFi. What do you think?

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