Messari CEO Ryan Selkis was briefly suspended from Twitter for this reason

Messari CEO wasn’t happy after suspension and questioned Elon’s ownership of Twitter.

In a strange yet funny incident, Ryan Selkis Twitter account was temporarily suspended on Twitter for impersonating Ryan Selkis. Ryan is the CEO & co-Founder of Messari crypto platform and a social figure with 300,000 Twitter followers.

His Twitter account @twobitidiot was suspended for 48 hours. Ryan uses the account to engage with the crypto community and spark conversations on crypto and web3-related news.

His company Messari is known to provide rich information related to cryptocurrencies. It monitors all the top projects in the space and publishes unbiased research reports for its readers.

After this incident, Ryan took a jab at Twitter CEO Elon Musk by claiming the censorship on Twitter has gotten way worse after his takeover. He drew attention to several misleading accounts impersonating him that were still up & running while the actual one was suspended.

After the re-activation, he posted a tweet highlighting the importance of decentralization.

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