Louis Vuitton partners with Yayoi Kusama to launch NFT Collection

Louis Vuitton partners with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama to launch 10,000 NFTs.

Founded in 1854 in Paris, Louis Vuitton is a premium high-quality luxury brand in the fashion industry. In line with its 200th anniversary, the brand has announced its partnership with the 93 years old contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama to launch the NFT collection.

There will be 10,000 unique NFTs that will be launched on the Ethereum network. Given the premium nature of the brand, experts believe that the initial mint price of the NFTs will be around 4 ETH relative to the NFTs launched by other luxury brands in the web3 space.

This will be the second collaboration between the brand and Yayoi Kusama after a decade. The first collaboration took place back in 2012 which featured the artist’s signature polka dots atop LV bag silhouettes.

The company has plans to charge 7% royalty on every NFT sold to the customers.

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