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List of Apple crypto wallets for iOS: iPhone and iPad

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Apple isn’t much friendly towards cryptocurrency and NFT but there are crypto wallets active on its AppStore helping users access and secure their investments.

Owning cryptocurrency and an iOS device can be a troubled situation for beginners starting to invest in the industry. Apple doesn’t provide wallet support and also disallows many crypto apps from listing on its AppStore.

Earlier, only a handful of developers were interested in developing crypto wallet apps for Apple but after the 2021 bull run there is a surge in web3 apps on iOS. Here’s the list of some of the promising Apple crypto wallets for iPhone and iPad.

These wallets are largely used by crypto investors to save and secure their investments from cyber attacks. By default, Ledger Live and Trust wallets are considered to be the most reliable and secure wallets offerings the best user interface and in-built features for storing, swapping and transferring cryptos.

Users need to install Ledger Live app from the AppStore and connect their Ledger Hardware wallet to authenticate and transact on the platform. Ledger Nano X is the flagship cold storage wallet developed by the company & is used to store multi-cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

Ledger is also launching Ledger Stax, its NFT wallet for storing NFTs. Trust wallet is another multi-currency wallet for iOS users. Backed by Binance, it help users store their crypto investments and has an in-built web3 browser to interact with decentralized apps.

If you’re a non-techie and looking for a simple and secure way to store cryptocurrency without worrying about remembering seed phrases then Munn is the wallet for you. Muun is a non-custodial wallet which is accessible using email and a password.

CoPay by BitPay and Edge (Airbitz) are other secure wallets built for iOS devices. Select and launch any of these wallets on iOS and make them part of your Apple crypto wallet.

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