GameStop and IMX backed Kiraverse NFT game is set to launch in 2023

Built with Unreal Engine5, Kiraverse is a third-person blockchain shooter game on Immutable X.

Kiraverse is a brand new blockchain based shooting game for online gamers. The game is built on Immutable X which is the layer 2 chain on Ethereum focused on NFT and gaming. There are several features that set the game apart from traditional web3 games.

It’s a AAA- rated (quality), Play-to-Earn game with a gaming ecosystem comprising of multiplayer mode where the gamers can play the game online from any part of the world. Moreover, users will be able to use their NFT collection as in-game Avatars during the gameplay.

It is developed by Param Labs which is set to launch the Beta version for users on Immutable. After the beta launch, it will publish the public alpha and Season 1: Training grounds with two game modes ‘Battle Royale’ and ‘Elimination’.

Players can play the game to unlock achievements, own, purchase or rent skins, weapons etc. to enhance their gameplay experience. The team will also allow users to access the game in free-to-play mode.

To further boost the gaming experience, the team has provided three different game extensions –

  • Free Extension – For fun
  • Wager Extension – Survive to win achievements
  • Earn per kill Extension – More kills, more rewards

Apart from shooting, the team plans to integrate add-on items like trucks, motorcycles and hoverboards. It is safe to say that the game can be compared with the famous PUBG mobile game or the Counter-Strike of old times with better gameplay.

KIRA is the native game token used for purchasing NFTs, renting, rewards and staking KIRA to earn more KIRA tokens. Kiraverse has its own NFT marketplace with 10,001 listed NFT characters.

The game may face some challenges after GameStop pulled the plug on its web3 projects. It has already shut down its NFT marketplace and will exit web3 in 2023 after the FTX meltdown resulting in negative sentiments around cryptocurrency.

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