Good Liars creating Honest Trump Cards focused on 2020 election loss.

Irked by the success of Donald Trump’s NFT cards. Many creators from the NFT space are coming forward to bring a brand new version of Trump NFTs with their own themes.

The leading ones among them are Davram Stiefler and Jason Selvig of Good Liars who are launching Good Liars NFTs focused on Honest Trump Cards. These NFTs will focus on Trump’s election loss in 2020.

Earlier Donald Trump released NFT collection called Trump Digital Trading Cards. It contained 45,000 unique NFTs each priced at just $99. The demand was so high that all the NFTs were sold out within 12 hours of launch making him $4.45 million.

Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea reported the rise in the floor price of Trump’s NFTs. The prices rose to $230 and surged. The price of rare NFTs like the one in which Trump was holding the torch in front of the Statue of Liberty rose to as high as 6 ETH at the time of writing this post.

Trump also made a special offer in which users purchasing 45 NFTs will get a guaranteed dinner with the former POTUS.

115 users purchased 45 NFTs and 17 purchased 100 NFTs which is also the maximum number of NFTs a user can mint in a single order. To retaliate, other NFT creators like Good Liars came with Honest Trump Cards.

These NFTs can be minted and available for purchase. Watch this space for details & Checkout the Details on Donald Trump’s NFT collection shared below –

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