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Gamium GMM crypto surges 340% after Meta and Telefonica Partnership Announcement

gamium gmm crypto

Gamium is developing a fully immersive 3D virtual universe for its Avatars inspired by the movie Ready Player One.

Upcoming metaverse project Gamium’s native governance token GMM rallied 340% to $0.00025 after the project announced deals with META (Facebook) and Telefonica (TELE). The partnership is a collective effort to push Metaverse Activation Program for web3 startups.

The program aims to incubate and scale web3 startups primarily in metaverse technology. The startups will also be provided with commercial support by both META and TELE and have access to META AI’s proprietary technologies.

Gamium is developing Avatars as your digital identity which can be used in any web3 or metaverse application. The project will introduce Genesis, a bridge connecting the real world with the virtual one. Genesis will be its central city offering an immersive experience in the metaverse.

The project runs on a dual token economy i.e $GMM and $MST. $GMM is its governance and medium of exchange token while $MST is a utility and reward token for the platform users.

Gamium also has 65,536 Gamium LANDs for Sale. 664 LANDs have been minted at the time of writing and can be purchased in OpenSea marketplace.

GMM crypto token can be purchased on, KuCoin and UniSwap.

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