Doodles 2 NFT collection a hit in the crypto community. Price soars in the secondary market

Doodles 2 Dooplicator collection price skyrocketed to 0.66 ETH in the secondary market after successful minting.

Doodles 2, the second iteration of the popular Doodles PFP collection hit the market this week by allowing users to mint the NFTs starting Tuesday 31st Jan 2023. The Dooplicator collection allows NFT owners to create custom wearables on the Flow blockchain.

Users who purchased Dooplicator are allowed to mint wearables for their original Doodle avatars, each with different tiers of rarity traits. The company has specifically partnered with Flow blockchain to execute the minting process.

Soon after the launch, the trading volume has risen quickly to 12995 ETH or over $21,000,000 in the OpenSea marketplace, assuring the strength of the project in the NFT market.

Doodles 2 wearables are also for sale on Gaia, Flow’s NFT marketplace. This is part of the effort from the Doodle team to make it a global brand expanding its reach beyond web3 and entering into the mainstream market.

The original Doodle was launched in October 2021 as PFP which received a welcoming response from the crypto community. It is now trading at 6.5 ETH floor price with 156,220 ETH trading volume.

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