All you need to know about Crypto Culinary Club. Is it the next big NFT collection?

A collection of 10,000 different chef-styled NFTs providing access to elegant, exclusive real-world dining experiences and more.

The crypto culinary club is a member only program that aims to harness the power of blockchain technology and use it to enrich real-world experiences via NFTs. It’s a collection of 10,000 different NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

The owners & members of the crypto culinary club NFTs can attend high-profile events organised by the world’s famous chefs offering the ultimate dining experience. The membership cost stands at 3 ETH which covers the cost of food at the events, providing access to open bars & much more.

Apart from offering a fine dining experience to its members, the club will organise Cooking Zooms where the chefs will be cooking and teaching members to make one of their signature dishes over Zoom calls.

The platform has put together a team of celebrity chefs including Michael Symon, Cat Cora, Jet Tila and more. Michael Symon is also the partner in the project.

The platform will also allow members to interact with high-profile guests which gives the members a chance to spark fruitful conversations with people they never thought they’d meet in person.

The private sale of 250 NFT tokens has been completed for their team, chefs, celebrities, and some are offered in giveaways. The remaining 9750 tokens will be offered to the public on January 27th, 2023. Soon after, the platform will introduce membership login with event details.

To become part of the club, users need to sign up on the website and purchase Culinary Club NFT which represents the membership token which will be used to verify ownership through their website and further provide them with real-world events and state of art dining experiences.

The ultimate aim of the project is to create an unforgettable experience combining both food and web3. If you’re a foodie or have love for cooking, this might be the right fit for you.

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