Azuki NFT Twitter account hack drained $758K of investor’s money in 30 minutes

Approximately $751,321.80 worth of USDC stablecoin was drained from investors’ wallets by posting a malicious link by the hacker.

The hackers managed to steal $751,321.80 worth of USDC after hacking the official Twitter account of Azuki NFT (non-fungible token). A malicious ‘wallet draining link’ was posted in a tweet, disguised as a virtual land mint which prompted Azuki followers to make a purchase at a discount price.

Most of the funds stolen were from a single wallet and were stolen within half an hour after the tweet went live.

The hacker further stole $6752.62 worth of USDC from different wallets holding 11 NFTs & over 3.9 ETH.

As per the statement released by Azuki’s team, the hackers gained control of the Twitter account on Jan 27th of this month and posted the malicious link which looked like an official announcement of the public land sale by the NFT collection.

At the time of writing, Azuki has taken back control of its Twitter account and has issued a tweet addressing the issue. At the same time, it emphasized its followers to always check on multiple channels like Discord, Telegram etc to confirm the announcement.

Prior to Azuki NFT account hack, the hacker managed to hack Robinhood’s Twitter account on Jan 25th and pushed the followers to pay $0.0005 each for RBH scam tokens on the BNB chain. At least, 10 people purchased the token valuing worth over $1000 before the tweet was removed.

Azuki’s Twitter account has over 334K followers and the community is super active on all channels. Comprising Twitter accounts has become a common practice of crypto hackers targeting the naive and loyal followers of the promising crypto projects.

Users much be cautious before clicking any link posted by the handle and must check the other channels for confirmation.

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