AWS partners with Avalanche network to scale up blockchain efforts for government and enterprises

Avalanche’s partnership with AWS will help boost its infrastructure and decentralized app (dApp) ecosystem.

Ava Labs, the creator of Avalanche blockchain has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help scale blockchain adoption for governments and enterprises. According to the Vice President & global head of Startup at AWS “web3 and blockchain adoption is inevitable”.

Partnership with AWS has opened new doors for Avalanche which is a layer 1 blockchain, EVM compatible and has a transaction throughput of 4500 tps. The blockchain is equipped with smart contract computation and is home to over 500 decentralized apps.

The partnership will help blockchain users to launch and manage nodes on the network. Moreover, it will help developers provide a better infrastructure to build and launch dApps on the network.

The joint venture with AWS will also help Ava Labs onboard new startups and early-stage entrepreneurs by joining Amazon’s AWS Activate program.

Many blockchains and blockchain projects like Sandbox and Decentraland are already using Amazon web services. Ava Labs laid out a plan to launch Subnets as a managed service to the AWS marketplace. This will help institutions to launch their own custom subnets backed by Avalanche.

Both companies are collaborating on events for entrepreneurs and developers through hackathons, summits and workshops for developers. AVAX, the native token of Avalanche jumped 27% after the partnership news reached the mainstream media.

Earlier Avalanche has inked strategic partnerships with Deloitte, KyberSwap and GameStar+ to expand its reach among interested web3 audience.

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