Meet your heroes in the DC NFT Universe carved for DC fans

From Batman to Harley Quinn, DC NFT universe offers access to Warner Bros. Discovery owned comic characters for the fans.

While James Gunn is busy rebooting DC movie franchise, fans are enjoying owning the official NFT collection by DC. From heroes to villains, DC is offering everything a fan needs to live the dream of connecting with the comic franchise via NFTs.

DC first offered NFTs to fans in the fan convention called DC FanDome in 2021. The attendees were given codes to mint NFT collectibles to celebrate 50 years of DC Cover art featuring the now famous comic characters i.e Superman, Batman, Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman.

DC has partnered with PALM NFT studios to assist with the launch of the NFT collection at no charge to the fans in 2022. After FanDome, Palm partnered with DC and took the responsibility to build a sustainable blockchain NFT ecosystem for the fans.

The online DC Comic marketplace was introduced with the launch of Batman’s Bat Cowl Collection offering up to 200,000 unique NFTs with special features like material, lighting effects and background.

The Bat Cowl owners were also given early access to mint The Harley Quinn Freakin Awesome Boxes of Mayhem NFT collection. The Harley Quinn NFT was launched on 30th Sept 2022 to celebrate the 30th birthday of Harley Quinn comic character.

The collection offered 30,000 free Harley Quinn NFT to DC fans, exclusively available on the official NFT marketplace. Poison Ivy cover is the latest NFT Collection launched in January 2023.

To encourage the trading of NFT collectibles, DC has introduced NFT Marketplace Beta, a secondary marketplace for DC fans. Beta is the first version of the marketplace in the DC NFT universe. It is bound to evolve with interesting features as the platform grows in volume.

A fan must create an account to trade NFTs using his email address. After account verification, he will be provided with complete access to the platform.

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