First KASPA memecoin. Can Yotoshi crypto $YOTO beat $BONK?

The year belongs to memecoins. It started with PEPE and now ending with Yotoshi $YOTO crypto. PEPE has already minted couple of millionaires i.e the early investors of the token. Can BONK and YOTO crypto repeat the success story? Let’s find out!

About Yotoshi YOTO crypto:

Yotoshi YOTO crypto is the first memecoin made by KASPA community in honor of its founder Yonatan Sompolinsky. KASPA is a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graphs) which works similar to Hedera Hashgraph offering faster TPS and transaction finality but isn’t exactly a blockchain.

YOTO memecoin was launched to make the world aware of KASPA & connect its community. Here’s some interesting excerpts from the Whitepaper –

A new meme coin called $YOTOSHI that will let you join our hilarious and semi-serious conspiracy theory: Yonatan “Yoto” Sompolinsky is secretly Satoshi Nakamoto wearing a very thin disguise.

– Yotoshi Whitepaper

Why Yotoshi YOTO crypto launched on Solana?

According to Yotoshi whitepaper, the idea was to fork KASPA and launch the memecoin on a totally new chain. However, after giving it a thought it was decided not to fork KASPA as it will dishonor the work of Yonatan.

Later, the team focused on Rust. Since, it was the common connection between KASPA and Solana. It was decided to deploy the smart contract on Solana which was written in Rust.

Yotoshi YOTO Tokenomics:

Yotoshi has a very interesting tokenomics. The total token supply is capped at around 280 billion tokens. 95% is allocated for public launch, making the project totally community driven. The furthur breakdown is below –

  • Public Launch: 95.75%
  • Marketing/Listing: 1.2142%
  • Founder: 1.1428%
  • Developers: 1.1428%
  • Airdrops: 0.7142%
  • Designer: 0.0357%

Yotoshi YOTO Price Prediction:

The single focal point of investing in memecoin is making money. Most memecoins are pump and dump but Yotoshi. It is backed by KASPA community supporters and token holders.

The airdrops hence reserved for the diamond hands who don’t sell their share early in the game. The token has pumped but its yet to be listed on the centralized exchange like MEXC or Gate, giving it enough room to spread is wings.

Looking at the current price action, the trend is positive and with this speed, it can surely surpass $BONK and $PEPE in a very short span of time.

How to Buy Yotoshi YOTO crypto?

You can buy Yotoshi from Radyium. It’s a decentralized exchange on Solana, works similar to UniSwap or PancakeSwap. Make sure to use the official smart contract before making the Swap –

Yotoshi Smart Contract: 7SdFACfxmg2eetZEhEYZhsNMVAu84USVtfJ64jFDCg9Y

This completes my post on Yotoshi YOTO crypto. In the next post, I will talk about MONAD crypto & scam crypto exchange fraud. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more informative content, released every week.

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