What is Pulsechain and How to buy PLS and PLSX Coin on the mainnet?

The Pulsechain network has finally launched its mainnet along with the mainnet launch of its decentralized exchange PulseX. The project was founded by Richard Heart, the founder of HEX crypto project.

Pulsechain is a layer-1 network which according to Richard Heard is the fork of Ethereum chain. Its native token is PLS. Similarly, PulseX is the fork of Uniswap decentralized exchange with its native token PLSX.

Follow are the Steps to Buy PLS and PLSX tokens on the mainnet –

1. Install the MetaMask wallet and Connect PulseChain network:

Users have to install the MetaMask wallet and add the Pulsechain network before making any transaction. There are two ways to add the network. The first way is to connect with the PulseX decentralized exchange which will automatically add the network to your wallet.

The second way is to add the network manually. This is done by adding the following details by clicking the add network option provided in the wallet.

adding pulsechain network to metamask1

2. Load ETH to the wallet:

After adding the network user have to load ETH to the wallet equivalent to the amount of PLS he wishes to purchase. For example, to receive 1 PLS, he must load 1 ETH. Make sure to add ETH while on the Ethereum chain.

ETH is the native token of Ethereum L-1 chain which works similarly to PulseChain PLS token.

3. Open PulseX exchange and connect wallet:

The user must visit the PulseX DEX on its official website i.e https://app.pulsex.com/ and connect the MetaMask wallet.

The wallet may ask the user to switch to the PulseChain network if the wallet is operating on any other network. Click the Switch network button and it will automatically connect you with the app.

switch network from ethereum to pulsechain

4. Check PLS balance in the wallet and prepare for the transaction:

By default, PulseChain will match the amount of Ethereum available in the wallet and reflects a similar amount on its chain in PLS. As written before, 1PLS equals 1ETH. Therefore, user’s wallet will be automatically credited with PLS matching the amount of ETH it is holding.

If the user wishes to buy PLSX token, he can swap PLSX coin with PLS using PulseX DEX. Similarly, users can swap other coins like HEX available on the exchange.

buy pls and plsx coin on pulsex exchange

5. Make the trade to buy PLS or PLSX coins:

Users can execute the trade like any other decentralized exchange and purchase token of their choice.

If you wish to keep both PLS and PLSX coins in your wallet. It is suggested to purchase HEX tokens and follow similar steps as explained above.

Buying HEX:

Users can buy HEX from leading decentralized exchanges like UniSwap or 1Inch and add it to their wallet. For reference, I have taken 1Inch DEX aggregator to buy HEX tokens –

buying hex tokens from 1inch dex aggregators for best price

After buying HEX, visit the PulseX app to purchase PLS or PLSX coins. Using this method will help you buy both tokens in one go. The other alternative is to use the bridge to make the purchase of the tokens.

Pulseramp bridge can be used to swap tokens from across networks to Pulsechain

This completes my post on buying PLS and PLSX Coin on PulseChain network. In the next post, I will talk about NEAR Protocol Partnerships & Crypto scam exchanges Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more informative content, released every week.