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VisionGame on Solana | Bringing traditional game experience to blockchain games

Gaming is the fastest-growing segment in the entertainment industry. It has 3 billion users playing video games and generating over $200 billion in yearly revenue. Blockchain gaming is the new segment, registering gradual adoption. However, these games are failing to reach mainstream users because of certain complexities like connecting wallets and purchasing tokens to play the game. Fortunately, VisionGame is here to address this dilemma and offer a multi-layered solution that helps to embed traditional game publishing experience in the blockchain world. Listed on KuCoin and several other platforms, Can VISION drive blockchain adoption in gaming? Let’s find out in this review –

Table of Contents

  1. What is VisionGame?
  2. A look into VisionGame Ecosystem
  3. Technical Architecture
  4. How VisionGame is better?
  5. What is VisionGame Token?
  6. VISION Tokenomics
  7. VisionGame IDO
  8. VisionGame Team Members
  9. VisionGame Benefits
  10. VisionGame Drawbacks
  12. VISION Token Price
  13. Where to buy VISION Token?
  14. Is VisionGame a Good Investment?

What is VisionGame?

VisionGame is a crypto project dedicated to serving blockchain games. Built on Solana, it offers a suite of tools that help ease the user onboarding process and also help gamers & game studios connect through its Crowdfunding portal.

VisionGame wants to bridge the gap among the key stakeholders i.e developers, gamers & fundraisers and bring the traditional game publishing experience to the blockchain games.

VIsionGame multi-chain
Image src: pitchdeck

Starting with Solana, VisionGame will be a multi-chain project supporting blockchain games

A look into VisionGame Ecosystem:


Vision.SDK allows game developers to integrate blockchain technology into their games without requiring coding or prior understanding of the technology. It shortens the game development time from months to days.

Visiongame solana technical architecture


Vision.wallet is created to simplify the user onboarding process. It provides users with a non-technical, highly secure wallet that can be used by any traditional gamers without worrying about the know-how of wallet operations.


Vision.offering is the next generation Crowdfunding platform. It’s a place where games and game studios interact to understand the project and raise funds in an interactive manner. Studios can offer special rewards and raise funds from early adopters.


One credential for all games. Users can log in and play any blockchain game using a single user ID and password. It will help drive blockchain adoption in the gaming space, eliminating the need for signing in from different wallets to play games on different blockchains.

VisionGame execution
Executing Game with VisionGame

Technical Architecture:

The VisionSDK implements blockchain integration for the developers and the wallet provides an easier onboarding process for the users. VisionCommunity ensures a single sign-in process to help gamers navigate smoothly across different blockchain games. The core is powered by Enjin, allowing secure and reliable access to NFTs.

VisionGame technical architecture 1

The core layer is powered by Enjin

How VisionGame is better than DIY blockchain Games?

After studying VisionGame architecture and its ecosystem, it’s clear that Vision brings a simple, scalable, easy to understand solution for developers and gamers. Developers can integrate VisionSDK to access the blockchain features and gamers can use the wallet and VisionCommunity services to interact with the games seamlessly without having to learn about the technical know-how of cryptocurrency.

Why Vision game is better
Vision SDK Benefits

What is VisionGame Token?

VISION token is the native currency of VisionGame ecosystem. It will be extensively used in fueling the VisionGame operations with the following utilities –

  • Transaction Fees
  • Brand Tokens
  • In-Game Currency

Transaction Fees:

In VisionSDK, $VISION will be used as fuel to pay for the gas fee. Every transaction that took place on the platform will be paid using the VISION token.

Brand Token:

Brand tokens will be offered to the public at 0% transaction fees during the Crowdfunding round organised by the game studio on VisionOffering. These brand tokens can be exchanged for rewards when the project is ready.

VISION tokens allow users to opt-out of their support to a project by converting brand tokens back to $VISION without affecting the project.

In-Game Currency:

VisionGame will also launch its own games and $VISION will be the in-game currency.

VISION Tokenomics:

The total supply of VISION token is capped at 1 billion. The maximum portion is allocated to the growth of its ecosystem.

Token Allocation

The token vesting schedule is shared below –

vision-token-vesting schedule

VisionGame IDO:

The team launched the IDO on February 25, 2022, offering VISION token at a sale price of $0.03 per token.

Vision game IDO

VisionGame Team Members:

The team has 3 core members including Christian Esposito as CEO of the project. He holds an impressive 11 years of experience in programming, designing and directing 100+ gaming projects for the desktop and the mobile markets. Serhii Yolkin (CTO) & Youngsung Chong (CMO) also hold rich experience in the gaming and blockchain industry.

VisionGame Founder
Team Members

VisionGame Benefits:

Simplifying Experience:

From developers to users, VisionGame help simplify the complexity of blockchain gaming by introducing VisionSDK for easy blockchain integration and Visionwallet for users to interact with the gaming platforms with ease.

Crowdfunding Platform:

VisionOffering is its in-house crowdfunding platform that connects game studios with game developers. Game companies can raise funds from the early adopters and in-exchange offer rewards that can be claimed after the launch of the game.

Visiongame crowdfunding

Easy Exit:

Users who invest in the gaming project can anytime exit their investment by converting the brand tokens into VISION tokens. This is one of the simplest ways to encourage funding of games without any fear of losing funds.

Investors & Backers:

The project is backed by leading names in the blockchain industry. A strong backing ensures good financial support which is essential for the growth of the project.

Image src: Solanium

VisionGame Drawbacks:

High Dependency:

The project is created for blockchain games, making it highly dependent on the response of the new and existing games. It has to come up with its own gaming ecosystem and develop its own gaming projects if it wishes to reduce the factor of dependency on other game studios.


VisionMove turns your movement into a currency. It is based on the principle of move-to-earn, the more your move, the more you earn. The concept is mastered by STEPN App. Reach your daily goals and earn MP (Movement Points) using the VisionMove app. Users will receive $VMOVE as a reward for their movement.

Vmove tokenomics
VMOVE Tokenomics

VISION Token Price:

Please check the latest price of Vision token –

Where to buy VISION Token?

Vision tokens can be bought from KuCoin & Huobi.

Is VisionGame a Good Investment?

The fundamentals are strong and it does look like a safe investment. VisionGame is supporting the blockchain gaming projects by helping game developers integrate VisionSDK to accelerate their game development and side-by-side offering them a crowdfunding platform to raise funds directly from the public.

VISION game is on a mission to bring blockchain adoption to the gaming industry and it is doing so by offering its suite of tools to developers and users. The success of this project is entirely dependent upon the partnerships it is about to build with the existing and upcoming gaming projects.

We have to wait to see its ecosystem in action. Until then, I will remain neutral on the investment front.

This completes my review of VisionGame. In the next post, I will talk about DarleyGo game & Dego Finance. If you’re a blockchain technology fan, share this post on your social handles and educate everyone around you. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more informative content, released every week.


Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market. All the information shared in the post is for knowledge purpose only. By no means, it’s financial or investment advice. Readers are responsible for their own investment decisions and should only invest in cryptocurrency after proper research.

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