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Star Atlas | Solana based NFT Game on Unreal Engine5 | Should you invest?

Movies like Star Wars, Interstellar, Mission Mangal have something in common i.e space. If space is your thing then Star Atlas game is for you. Set in the year 2620, Star Atlas is an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online game) that can be played by the masses simultaneously. It’s AAA rated and has massive development and marketing budgets behind the game.


It may seem like an ordinary MMO concept. However, the game has financial incentives and it rewards the players for their active participation with in-game tokens $ATLAS and $POLIS. Among all the hype and an amazing teaser, there are curious questions about the project.

Is Star Atlas really the future of gaming? Can a non-gamer play and generate real income? Should you buy the NFTs offered in the game? Many such questions will be answered in this post. Ready your Spaceship, it’s time to explore Star Atlas –

Table of Contents

  1. What is Star Atlas?
  2. Star Atlas Two Token Economy
  3. 2.1 What is ATLAS Coin?
    2.2 What is POLIS Coin?
    2.2.1 In-Game Governance
    2.2.2 Real World Governance
    2.2.3 Primary Issuance
    2.2.4 Staking
    2.2.5 Secondary Markets
    2.2.6 Rewards
  4. Star Atlas Technology
  5. 3.1 Blockchain
    3.2 Serverless MMO
    3.3 Unreal Engine 5
  6. How Star Atlas is raising funds?
  7. 4.1 Phase 01: Galactic Asset Offering
    4.2 Phase 02: Browser Mini-Games
    4.3 Phase 03: Shipyard Module Sale
    4.4 Phase 04: Final Pre-Sale at Beta
    4.5 Phase 05: Ongoing Sales
  8. Star Atlas Wallets
  9. Star Atlas Marketplace
  10. Star Atlas LAND
  11. 7.1 Primary Markets
    7.2 Secondary Markets
    7.3 Benefits of Owning Land
  12. Tokenomics
  13. 8.1 POLIS Token
    8.2 ATLAS Token
  14. Star Atlas Long Term Vision
  15. 9.1 Additional Zones and Blockchains
    9.2 User-Generated Content
    9.3 Actual Universe Discovery
  16. STAR ATLAS Coin Price
  17. STAR ATLAS POLIS Coin Price
  18. Star Atlas Coins Price Prediction
  19. Where to buy ATLAS & POLIS tokens?
  20. Is Star Atlas Worth investing?

What is Star Atlas Game?

Star Atlas is a decentralized, blockchain-based multiplayer online game. Powered by Solana crypto blockchain, the gameplay is set in the year 2620 where three factions have emerged in the Universe as follows –

  1. The MUD territory
  2. The ONI region
  3. The USTUR sector

The MUD territory is governed by humans, the ONI region is the alliance of aliens and the USTUR sector is ruled by sentient androids. Each faction has its own characteristics i.e strengths and weaknesses.

Star Atlas faction
Star Atlas Faction

As a player, you will have to join one of the factions by connecting the Solana wallet from the list shared in the post. The factions are in continuous struggle for power, resources and territorial conquest. As a member of the faction, each player has the ability to influence the outcome of the conflicts and subsequently gets rewarded with in-game tokens and NFTs for their active participation.

The faction choice is permanent and cannot be reversed

The game was conceptualized in 2020 by Michael Wagner who is also the current CEO of Star Atlas. Wagner is a financial analyst and has worked in portfolio management before jumping into the blockchain gaming arena. The vision is to create a virtual gaming universe parallel to the real world without borders. However, the game is expected to be released in the next 5-8 years.

Michael Wagner Star Atlas
Img Src: Naavik.co

Star Atlas Two Token Economy:

Just like the Axie Infinity game, Star Atlas runs on two tokens namely $ATLAS and $POLIS, each serving a different purpose.

What is ATLAS Coin?

ATLAS is the native token and the currency of the Star Atlas Metaverse. On one hand, players can use ATLAS to trade in-game items like ships, components, land, equipment etc and on the other hand, players can earn ATLAS tokens by doing various in-game activities like mining ore and selling it or by selling their assets on the Star Atlas marketplace. It is important to note that ATLAS is an inflationary currency.

The total supply of ATLAS token is 36 billion

What is POLIS Coin?

POLIS is the governance token of Star Atlas. The players holding POLIS will have a key role in the governance decisions through voting which can alter the course of the game. There are specifically two types of governance –

  • In-Game Governance
  • Real World Governance

In-Game Governance:

In-Game refers to the virtual gaming world. The in-game governance decisions will affect Star Atlas economy and financial outlook. Polis holders will be the ultimate owners of everything inside the game from LAND to NFTs. They will decide the monetary policy and other laws of the gaming metaverse.

Real World Governance:

This includes the real-world development of the game. The proposed roadmap and key features can be put to vote and decisions will be taken based on the outcome. This feature will be available to token holders at a later stage, once the initial developments are over.

Polis is also an asset that can reap long term financial gains once the project matures or goes live. There’re several ways to acquire this token –

Primary Issuance:

The core team may directly sell Polis tokens to the potential governors.


Players can stake Polis tokens to earn more tokens as a staking reward.

Secondary Markets:

Tokens can be bought or sold among players in a P2P environment.


Polis can also be earned as reward by completing special missions or helping the ecosystem by building new alliances in the game.

The total supply of POLIS token is 360 million

Star Atlas Technology:

It’s pretty clear from the game trailer that the technology behind the game will be high-end cinematic quality. But the visuals aren’t enough to attract the users on the platforms. It must be supported by a rigid infrastructure that supports the game and keeps the players engaged without any performance lag. Take a look at its technological proficiency –


The game is built on the Solana blockchain that helps secure the assets and the complete ecosystem. Since the majority of in-game items will be owned by unique players, it is important to preserve the ownership of every player while keeping the network decentralized.

Serverless MMO:

Solana is the only blockchain that can support over 50,000 transactions per second, this allows the gameplay interactions to be recorded in real-time which can bypass the need for a traditional server for online gaming.

Unreal Engine 5:

Nanite Graphics Technology has the ability to simulate real-world environments and provide cinematic quality that can bring the metaverse closer to the real world. Star Atlas will be the first MMO to embed this feature into the game.

How Star Atlas is raising funds?

Star Atlas came up with the idea of in-game asset sales to fund its project. The asset sales will take place in the following phases based on the development milestones –

Phase 01: Galactic Asset Offering (GAO):

In this phase, the game assets are sold on the Star Atlas Marketplace. Though the items won’t be playable until the launch of phase 2, they will be tradeable among the players on the platform. This phase also includes the transfer of Ethereum based assets to Solana via wormhole (Solana-Ethereum bridge). The complete list of game assets can be seen here.

Phase 02: Browser Mini-Games:

The team will deploy browser-based games which will be the mini version of the actual game. Players can play and collect in-game items. The revenue will be generated by selling minigames.

Phase 03: Shipyard Module Sale:

This phase brings the first-hand use of Unreal Engine 5. It will allow the players and collectors to view their final in-game assets but will be limited to the Shipyard of their chosen faction. The assets include components, crew and ships. A new line of assets will also be made available in this phase.

Phase 04: Final Pre-Sale at Beta:

This will be the launch of the beta version of the game. All assets purchased in this phase will be fully playable in the beta version.

Phase 05: Ongoing Sales:

This is the final phase in which all the production-ready assets will not be made available for sale. The parent company will start receiving the transaction tax from the trade of in-game assets.

It’s important to note down the following pillars of the game –

Star Atlas game pillars
4 Pillars of the game

Star Atlas Wallets:

Like any other blockchain game, Star Altas require players to sign in using Solana compatible wallets. These wallets include Phantom, Solareflare, Ledger and more. The complete list of supported wallets can be seen in the image shared below –

Star Atlas Wallets

Star Atlas Marketplace:

Every metaverse needs a marketplace that allows players to trade in-game assets. Like Decentraland Metaverse, Star Atlas has its own marketplace, that supports the trade of all the available in-game items like ships, structures, resources, collectibles etc. Moreover, it is available in-game, so the user won’t have to browse another website to place a trade.

Star Atlas Marketplace

Star Atlas LAND:

Each planet on Star Atlas metaverse is divided into parcels. The specific features of each parcel like border, dimensions, ownership etc are recorded as ON-Chain NFT. All Lands are owned and won’t be rented. The game will introduce LVT (Land value tax) which will be collected from the Land owner depending upon the level (more developed land will be taxed more and vice-versa).

Failure to pay taxes will result in the foreclosure of LAND

There are two ways of acquiring LAND in Star Atlas –

  • Primary Markets
  • Seconday Markets

Primary Markets:

Land sold in auctions similar to other assets. Lands can be issued by the Star Atlas team and sold for stablecoins i.e USDC or ATLAS

Secondary Markets:

When existing owners decide to sell their Land on the marketplace in exchange for Atlas tokens

Benefits of Owning Land:

  • Use Land as collateral to obtain loan in ATLAS.
  • Land owners may collect tax for the productive activties on the Land parcel
  • Land owners may earn POLIS tokens as per the guidelines


POLIS Token:

The total supply of Polis token is 360,000,000, distributed as follows –

Polis allocation
Polis token distribution

The emission schedule will look something like this –

Polis emission
Polis emission schedule

ATLAS Token:

The total supply of ATLAS token is 36,000,000,000, distributed as follows –

Atlas allocation
Atlas token distribution

The emission schedule will look something like this –

Atlas emission
Atlas emission schedule

The minting and burning of ATLAS tokens depend on the penetration of game among the user-base. The supply of tokens will be maintained to keep check of asset price i.e optimized for new users and appreciating as the game progresses.

Atlas plan
Source: Whitepaper

Star Atlas Long Term Vision:

Additional Zones and Blockchains:

The team want to embrace the unified gaming experience in which the game can be expanded geographically and cross-protocol wise, allowing users to store assets on various chains other than Solana.

User-Generated Content:

Players can create their own content which is compatible with the game format and can be used as an in-game item or NFT. Something similar to the Sandbox crypto Voxedit feature.

Actual Universe Discovery:

Expanding the scope of the game by using gamers’ computer processing power for space exploration, searching for UFOs. It can be converted into a real-world exploration of the universe by powering the processing of data that may lead to actual discoveries.

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STAR ATLAS Coin Price:

Please check the latest STAR ATLAS Coin price, shared below –


Please check the latest STAR ATLAS POLIS Coin price, shared below –

Star Atlas Coins Price Prediction:

We have two different tokens in the Star Atlas universe serving different purposes. ATLAS is an in-game currency while Polis is a governance token. If we keep the current price action aside and compare them with a similar project i.e Axie Infinity with a similar set of tokens SLP and AXS.

It will be safe to conclude which among the two will reach the moon. In any blockchain project, it’s the governance token that will have a bigger upside when compared to its peer. In Axie Infinity, its AXS token that has shot to the moon in 2021 reaching $100 mark from just sitting at $4 in the same year while the in-game currency token SLP is still stuck in cents.

Same will be the fate of ATLAS and POLIS tokens. Polis is bound to grow faster and climb new highs once the project reaches the completion phase while its peer Atlas may not see the same growth.

Polis is more bullish token compared to Atlas

Where to Buy ATLAS & POLIS tokens?

Both tokens are available on centralized exchanges like FTX and Gate.io. They can also be purchased from Solana’s decentralized exchanges i.e ORCA and Raydium.

Is Star Atlas Worth investing?

Let me reframe this question, do you believe in the NFT gaming metaverse? If the answer to this question is yes, then Star Atlas is one of the top gaming projects that you must explore as an investor or a gamer.

The project has a huge potential as seen on the trailer and the whitepaper. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, it can take metaverse gaming to the next level. There’s one problem though, the project will take another 5-8 years before the complete rollout and we won’t be able to see the beta version anytime soon.

Investing in Star Atlas is like investing in an empty plot of land, hoping it will grow in value as per the market forecast. Indeed, the project is very clear when it comes to setting up governance and economy models within the metaverse followed by amazing gameplay. But only time will tell, how well it will be able to push itself in the right direction.

For now. I am positive about the project’s outlook but neutral on the investment front. I suggest you visit the official website and enter the marketplace to get a feel of the metaverse before going ahead with the investment decision.

Watch the complete video review of Star Atlas game:

This completes my review of Star Atlas gaming project. In the next post, I will talk about Gala games and DeFi Land. If you’re a fan of blockchain technology then please do share this post on your social handles and educate everyone around you. Do remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more informative content, released every week.


Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market. All the information shared in the post is for knowledge purpose only. By no means, it’s financial or investment advice. Readers are responsible for their own investment decisions and should only invest in cryptocurrency after proper research.

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