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Project SEED | Mobile focused Multi-chain gaming ecosystem

After the success of Axie Infinity game, there’s a flood of blockchain-based games that are trying to make an impact in the play-to-earn segment. Project SEED wants to use this opportunity to bring mass adoption of blockchain games by introducing traditional gaming standards into the blockchain gaming environment.

Project Seed

Simplifying the way a user interacts with the blockchain games without having to use the complexity of wallet connection, address creation, crypto transfer and more. All this will be possible using its advanced Multi-chain technology. Backed by experienced team members & investors, can it revolutionize the gaming industry? Let’s find out in this review –

Table of Contents

  1. What is Project SEED Crypto?
  2. A Look into Project SEED Ecosystem
  3. Project SEED NFT Marketplace
  4. What is SHILL Token?
  5. SHILL Tokenomics
  6. SHILL Token IDO
  7. Project SEED Team Members
  8. Project SEED Benefits
  9. Project SEED Drawbacks
  10. Project SEED SHILL Token Price
  11. SHILL Token Price Prediction
  12. Where to buy SHILL Token?
  13. Is Project SEED worth investing?
Project SEED Target Audience
Target Audience

What is Project SEED Crypto?

Project SEED is a mobile-focused GameFi Metaverse Ecosystem. Built on the Solana blockchain, it utilizes multi-chain hybrid technology to improve the gaming experience and eliminate the entry barriers surrounding blockchain games.

Built by a AAA Game Studio, the games developed by Project SEED will not require prior cryptocurrency knowledge to set up an account by the user. Moreover, players don’t have to make an initial investment to play the game. This is done to onboard more users and make blockchain gaming accessible to the masses, driving mainstream adoption.

Blockchain games
Types of blockchain games to be developed by the Project

The vision of the project is to revolutionize the existing gaming industry by closing the gap between traditional gaming & blockchain gaming industry.

Like GALA Games, Project SEED will launch multiple games in its ecosystem

A Look into the Project SEED Ecosystem:

SEED ecosystem

Game Hub:

Game Hub is an infrastructure for Project SEED games which makes it easier for the players to make transactions in the Project SEED ecosystem through multi-chain & cross-platform integrations.

To bring mass adoption, the cross-platform will also be implemented on the NFTs. Cross-platform means that the token holder of one chain, let’s say Chain X will be able to transact with the token holder of another chain Chain Y.

Game-hub-project seed
Game Hub


GameFi is the connection between gaming activities and decentralized finance in establishing a transparent and decentralized gaming economy that rewards players for in-game activities. Project SEED has introduced GameFi 2.0 into three main categories, shown below –


The team has introduced in-game and off-game DeFi products that allow mainstream players to execute DeFi related tasks within the game/application without having to interact with other Web3 applications, making it user-friendly and convenient for the gamers and hence encouraging mass adoption.

DAO Metaverse:

The game ecosystem will integrate DAO which plays an important role in project development and community growth. Community members will have the right to vote on the key proposal that helps share the direction of the project and make it completely decentralized.

DAO Governance
Image src: Whitepaper

SHILL token holders are eligible to participate in the governance activities


Esports represents the world of competitive and organized video gaming where teams play the same game against each other for the title championship, rewards or dominance. Project SEED plans to have its own Esports program starting from online leaderboard events to global scale tournaments. It will also partner with an Esports team to bring awareness and mass adoption of its games on a global scale and organize Esports tournaments once the ecosystem comes to life.

Image src: CNN

Growth Program:

Project SEED will act as an incubator for projects that are passionately working to develop blockchain games but are limited by team strength or financial budget. Project SEED Growth Program will help game builders focus on game building, game mechanics, design, business development and other important aspects of game development.

Game builders can utilise Project SEED Assets to expedite game development

Growth Program will also have SEED launcher which is a launchpad platform to help GameFi projects raise funds and help the community invest in quality gaming projects. Moreover, Project SEED will also take the role of an advisor helping projects by providing insights and experience, ensuring higher chances of success.

Project SEED NFT Marketplace:

Marketplace is a must-have thing in blockchain gaming and Project SEED has its own in-game and also web 3 based NFT marketplace as part of its GameFi ecosystem. The marketplace types include –

  • In-game Marketplace
  • Off-game Marketplace
  • P2P NFT Marketplace

In-game Marketplace:

In-game Marketplace is the place for players to buy/sell/rent/lend any NFT without leaving the game. It will show Project SEED NFT & Partners NFT.

SEED NFT marketplace

Off-game Marketplace:

Off-game is the web-based NFT marketplace by Project SEED. It is the extended version of the in-game marketplace that includes Project SEED NFT, Partners NFT & other collectibles NFT for users to trade, rent or lend.

P2P NFT Marketplace:

P2P marketplace will specifically encourage P2P transactions and is further segregated into Buy & Sell marketplace and Rental marketplace. In the first category, players can buy, sell or auction their minted weapons, equipment, land, building etc and in the rental marketplace players can rent or borrow their assets for a said amount of time.

What is SHILL Token?

SHILL is the native token of Project SEED. It’s the currency of the Project SEED ecosystem and has these core utilities –

  • Governance
  • Staking
  • Payments
  • NFT Crafting


As explained earlier in the post, SHILL token holders are eligible to vote & submit key proposals related to feature development, game development, rewards distribution and other changes in the platform. Taking a step toward building a completely community-driven ecosystem.

DAO Voting


Token holders (SHILLERS) who stake SHILL tokens will receive staking rewards and the early adopters will receive limited NFT drop by the system. Project SEED has Vault to balance the supply and demand of tokens. It is a staking dashboard that help users manage their assets in Project SEED Staking.

Staking rewards
Project SEED Vault

Users can choose to stake tokens with no-lockup period or up to 12 months lockup period


SHILL is the currency of Project SEED ecosystem. It is used to purchase in-game items, pay item rents and earn SHILL by playing games. SHILL has mint and burn process which makes it a deflationary currency.

NFT Carfting:

Every new NFT will require SHILL token. The token will be burnt to mint the new NFT which will help maintain a healthy economic model within the gaming ecosystem.

More about token utility can be read on Project SEED docs.

SHILL Tokenomics:

SHILL has a total supply of 10 billion tokens. The ecosystem accounts for majority of the token supply i.e 45%. The complete token distribution is shared below –


Surprisingly, public sale round had the minimum allocation of just 1.20%, considering its a DAO governed platform. Taking a look at the GameFi ecosystem, 5% of the total transaction fee is further split into 3 parts. 60% of it goes to project SEED development, 30% to community treasuries & 10% to charities.

When using its swap DEX i.e SEEDex, 0.25% of the total transaction fee goes to the liquidity pool (80%) & community treasury (20%). SHILL will have a burning mechanism, the token will be burnt when accessing certain features of the games by the users like minting in-game items, collectibles etc.

SHILL value accrual
Value Accrual

SHILL was initially launched as SPL & BEP20 token


Project SEED IDO was launched on Solanium launchpad on Nov 6, 2021. The token was hardcapped at $150,000 at a sale rate of $0.025 per token. The investors has already gained 100x return on their initial investment.


Project SEED Team Members:

Project SEED has an impressive mix of 50+ team members which includes entrepreneurs, designers, game developers, artists and more with rich work experience. Liko Subakti is the current CEO of the project and has worked with established blockchain organizations like Binance and Crypto.com before founding Project SEED. The complete details of the team members can be found from the company’s official Linkedin Page.

Checkout the names of the renowned projects, SEED team members had previously worked on –


Project SEED Benefits:


The complete Project SEED Universe including the games developing on the platform will be interoperable. Users can buy/sell/trade/lend tokens ($SHILL or NFTs) seamlessly across chains. Making it a hassle free playing field for the traditional players.

Gaming Incubator:

Project SEED is not just a gaming platform, it’s also an incubator that will support promising gaming projects. It will help the projects by supplying them its assets and funding them to accelerate game development which is again a step in the right direction of expanding its ecosystem.

Deflationary Currency:

SHILL is a deflationary currency. A portion of SHILL will be burnt everytime a new asset is minted on the platform by the user. This is good news for the investors, a limited supply and increasing demand can drive the price upwards once the project picks up momentum.

Financially Stable:

The project is backed by 40+ investors and partners like Solana Capital, Huobi Ventures and more, making it a trustworthy and financially stable project.

Partners & Investors

Project SEED Drawbacks:


The concept of blockchain gaming is not new and the model is already replicated by a lot of projects. We have projects like Gala Games, Axie Infinity and Star Atlas Game working on similar concept which may give stiff competition to Project SEED in the blockchain gaming space.

Start Atlas Game


The project may look promising but the same is under development. Elements like NFT marketplace, Growth Program and even games are yet to be tested and launched on the mainnet. The company is already working to launch its first game i.e Outland Odyssey which hopefully should be released on time else the competition will take no time to dominate the already crowded space.

Outland Odyssey
Outland Odyssey

The Beta release is now available for download on the official website

Project SEED SHILL Token Price:

Check the latest price of SHILL token, shared below –

SHILL Token Price Prediction:

Launched in the IDO at a sale price of $0.025 per token, SHILL has already profited investors by returning 100X ROI on their initial investment. The token was launched in the bear market and still managed to hit all-time high of above $1.50 mark.

At the time of writing, the token is ranging between $0.15 -$0.20 price level. The bull market is fast approaching that coincides with the launch of its first in-house game Outland Odyssey which is again an interesting event to watch.

Overall the coin has a clear tokenomics & volatility which indicates the strength in the fundamentals. Clearly, it has the potential to break its peak high and target $5 in the upcoming bull run. Expect the price action to settle between $5-$10 if the bull run lasts for at least a quarter, considering the token will be available on popular exchanges like Binance & Coinbase by that time.

Where to buy SHILL Tokens?

SHILL can be bought from leading centralized exchanges like KuCoin, Gate.io and popular DEXes like Raydium & ApeSwap.

Is Project SEED worth investing?

Project SEED is one of the few crypto projects with a solid team and clear fundamentals. It aims to bring mass adoption of cryptocurrency using blockchain gaming as a medium. The play-to-earn games are picking up momentum but need more that just being a rewarding platform.

Project SEED will leverage this opportunity by introducing a user-friendly gaming ecosystem that bridges the gap between traditional gaming and blockchain gaming by simplifying user engagement with the platform.

There’s no need to have prior knowledge of cryptocurrency to play the games. Moreover, everything in the game is interoperable i.e multi-chain & cross-chain, allowing users to navigate and connect with other users seamlessly without limitation.

In the end, it all boils down to your belief in blockchain gaming. The project has potential and has good support from investors & partners. It won’t take much time to steal the limelight once the games are launched as per the expected schedule and meet the desired expectations.

I am quite bullish on its growth potential and the overall potential of blockchain games. If blockchain gaming is your area of interest, I strongly recommend following this project.

This completes my review of Project SEED. In the next post, I will talk about DeltaFi DEX & Nest Arcade. If you’re a fan of blockchain technology then do share this post on your social handles and educate everyone around you. Do remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more informative content, released every week.


Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market. All the information shared in the post is for knowledge purpose only. By no means, it’s financial or investment advice. Readers are responsible for their own investment decisions and should only invest in cryptocurrency after proper research.

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