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PAVIA Land Sale 3.0 | Get the LAND parcel at 80 ADA

Decentraland (MANA) LAND parcels were sold at a mega price of $100,000. If you’re following the metaverse projects, you must have come across PAVIA crypto metaverse. It is the first metaverse building on the Cardano(ADA) blockchain. After the successful LAND sales 1 & 2, it is all set for the last and final LAND sale.

Pavia metaverse

PAVIA LAND Sale 3.0 have put forth the final lot of NFT LAND parcels up for sale i.e 40,000 from the total of 1,00,000. It may interest you to know that the 60,000 LAND parcels which were put on sale earlier were sold out at a price 45 $ADA and are selling at around 1000 $ADA on the marketplace.

If you’re looking for the golden opportunity to own a piece of virtual NFT LAND, this is the chance you shouldn’t miss. The LAND parcels are offered at the lowest possible price and has a high chance of appreciation in the near future. Get an understanding of LAND Sale 3.0 and what all happened in the previous LAND sales, all in one place –

PAVIA LAND Sale 3.0:

PAVIA Corp. is the force behind PAVIA LAND sales. The final LAND sale will take place on the PAVIA’s official website, offering 40,000 LAND parcels at just 80 $ADA. Checkout the highlights of the upcoming LAND Sale –

Pavia LAND parcel

Who can Participate?:

Anyone can participate in the LAND sale. However, buyers from the United States won’t be able to participate in this event due to regulatory issues. Visit the official website to register.

If you missed the sale. Learn how to buy LAND in PAVIA metaverse from the marketplace.

Available LAND Parcels:

There are 40,000 LAND parcels available for sale. However, the purchase limit is set to 9 LAND parcels per user (1-9). Each LAND parcel is priced at 80 ADA only.

Important Dates:

PAVIA started the whitelisting process on February 10th 2022. Registration closes 09:00 UTC on Friday 11th February. This will be followed by whitelist sale at 17:00 UTC on Friday 11th February.

Increase your chances of getting an Estate by purchasing 9 LAND parcels in a single transaction.

Priority List:

Priority will be given to those wallet addresses that participated in the last LAND sale but weren’t successful. The selection process will be random and unbiased.

How to Purchase:

Users who passed the whitelisting process should log back in their wallet address or staking key for payment information.

The whitelisting closes 09:00 UTC on Friday February 11th

PAVIA LAND Sale – Special Instructions:

Take note of the following instructions before going ahead with the process –


Only enter the Cardano Wallet address or staking key which belongs to the same wallet from which the payment will be made. Buyers who missed the second LAND sale should use the same credentials to increase their chances of allocation. Eligible wallets are : Daedalus, Yoroi, Nami or CCVault.

Do not use exchange Wallet address

No Hurry:

The successful addresses can log back into their wallet and will be further guided to make the payment. However, there is no rush to make the payment, the sale will run for the complete week.

Image Credits: ReidMorris


If you’re shortlisted, only send the exact amount of ADA. If you send less it will be automatically refunded after deducting 2 $ADA admin fee. Any overpayments will also attract a penalty of 2 $ADA refund fee.

What if you missed the LAND Sale?

If you’re reading this article and regret missing the PAVIA LAND sale. I have good news for you. Pavia LAND parcels are available to purchase on the Cardano marketplaces. Visit the website and follow the steps to purchase your own LAND parcel. Make sure to check the policy id (Contract address) before making a purchase.

I really hope you get a piece of LAND in the PAVIA LAND Sale. In the next post, I will talk about Decentraland DAO and Solana Partnerships If you like the post, please share and educate your friends. Do remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more informative content, released every week.


Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market. All the information shared in the post is for knowledge purpose only. By no means, it’s financial or investment advice. Readers are responsible for their own investment decisions and should only invest in cryptocurrency after proper research.

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