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What is Pavia Crypto | Insane Cardano Metaverse in the making

The Metaverse game is heating up and Cardano (ADA) has announced its entry into the race by launching its wild card named Pavia. Pavia Crypto is a gaming NFT Metaverse that is all set to challenge the giants of crypto metaverse like Sandbox Crypto and Decentraland. Today, I will dig into the Pavia metaverse and explore its potential by answering your most concerning questions about the project. Is Pavia crypto worth investing? Does Pavia have a token? or is it just taking the advantage of metaverse hype? All this and more will be answered in this post. Let’s enter into the Pavia world –

Table of Contents

  1. What is Pavia Crypto Project?

  2. 1.1 Project Background
  3. Pavia LAND Sale

  4. 2.1 Pavia LAND Sale 1
    2.2 Pavia LAND Sale 2
    2.3 Pavia LAND Sale 3
  5. A look into Pavia LAND Parcel

  6. 3.1 Estate
  7. Pavia Metaverse – Team Members
  8. What is Pavia Coin?

  9. 5.1 Pavia Coin Airdrop
  10. Key Features of Pavia Crypto Metaverse

  11. 6.1 Avatar
    6.2 Pavia Policy ID
    6.3 Map
    6.4 Marketplace
  12. Pavia Merch for Pavia Explorers
  13. Pavia Roadmap to Metaverse
  14. Pavia vs Decentraland
  15. How to buy Pavia LAND Parcel?
  16. Pavia Crypto Price Prediction
  17. Where to buy Pavia Coin?
  18. Is Pavia Crypto Coin worth investing?

What is Pavia Crypto Project?

Pavia is a decentralized gaming NFT Metaverse built on the Cardano blockchain. The project was incorporated in September 2021. In October 2021 it announced the first sale of LAND parcels by random allocation, respecting fair distribution. A month later, due to high community demand, it launched the second LAND sale on November 24th, 2021, selling all the listed LAND parcels.

Project Background:

Anyone who’s following Cardano for quite some time must have known Gerolamo Cardano, the great mathematician of the 15th century whom the Cardano blockchain is named after. He was born in September 1501 in Pavia, Italy. The date and the place of birth serve as an inspiration behind the project’s name i.e Pavia and its incorporation date.

At the time of writing, the project claims to be in an infancy stage with over 10,000 LAND owners. It is in the very early stages of development but has a well laid out project roadmap which will be shared later in the post.

The total LAND supply is capped at 100,000 parcels (Sold Out)

Pavia LAND Sale:

The project has successfully sold the LAND parcels in two LAND sales –

Pavia LAND Sale 1:

The first LAND sale took place a month after Pavia Corp. incorporation. The website went live in October 2021 and so does the LAND sale. A total of 29,000 NFT LAND parcels were sold in the first wave of the LAND sale. The metaverse hype was so strong that the team has to conduct a second LAND sale after repeated requests by the community members.

Pavia LAND Sale 2:

The second LAND sale took place on November 24th, 2021. A total of 31,000 NFT LAND parcels were put on sale at a fair price of 45 ADA per LAND. A user can buy a maximum of 30x LAND parcels worth 1350 ADA and the maximum estate is limited to just 1000.

Pavia LAND sale
Pavia LAND Sale 2.0

Pavia LAND Sale 3.0:

Checkout the complete details on Pavia LAND Sale 3.0.

Pavia land sale

Pavia LAND owners 3.0 are eligible for NFT airdrop.

A look into Pavia LAND Parcel:

On the ground, Pavia LAND parcel looks similar to Decentraland (MANA coin). However, the Pavia LAND parcel is quite different from the Decentraland LAND parcel in features.

In Pavia, each LAND parcel is unique and will be of 16(L)x16(W)x20(H), dimensions in metres. The height of the LAND parcel is fixed but if a user owns adjacent LAND parcels, the height will increase. To understand the math, please check the image shared below –

Pavia LAND parcel height estimate

To make the LAND parcels unique, each LAND in Pavia is a uniquely numbered Cardano NFT (CNFT) based on the coordinates within the Pavia network.

Pavia LAND parcel
Pavia LAND Parcel


Estate is formed by combining sets of LAND parcels that are adjacent to each other. Each estate on Pavia should be a minimum of 3×3 and must be square or rectangular in shape.

Anyone who purchased 9 or more LAND parcels in a single transaction during the LAND sale has a nearly 33% chance of getting an estate with adjacent LANDs.

Pavia Metaverse -Team Members:

The team members slowly came out of the shadows after the successful completion of LAND sales. In 2022, most of the team members have made themselves public and shared their plans via PAVIA podcast. There are 18 team members listed on the Pavia official website.

Morgan is the current CEO of the project. He is an entrepreneur & an investor. With over 5 years of experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, leading Pavia Corp.

Pavia Corp team members
Team Members

What is Pavia Coin?

Pavia coin is the native token of Pavia metaverse. It will be the currency of the network once it comes to life in 2022. Going forward, it will be used to purchase LAND parcels, NFTs and in-world digital items that are built on the network as the platform matures. Moreover, there’re chances that $PAVIA will be used as a mode of payment on Cardano NFT marketplace CNFT.io

Pavia coin tokenomics
PAVIA Tokenomics

The total supply of PAVIA coin is 2 Billion

PAVIA Coin Airdrop:

PAVIA coin has been airdropped to the LAND owners who have participated and purchased LAND parcels in the LAND sale 1 & 2. The airdrop happened in two phases. The first phase took place in November 2021 and the second phase in December 2021.

It is suggested that the LAND owners who receive PAVIA coins should hold the coin until the platform turns live. It will give them early access to purchase more in-world digital items at the lowest possible price.

Pavia Crypto tweet

Each LAND owner will receive 8333 Pavia tokens per LAND

Key Features of Pavia Crypto Metaverse:


Avatar is your in-game look. It is how you will see yourself in the game. Like Decentraland, Pavia allows the users to create their own in-game avatar using the combination of skin, body structure, head, hairs, clothing and much more.

The team is working on the interoperability feature of Avatars which allows the users to use the same avatar across multiple games and apps including Pavia. With its partnership with readyplayer.me, it aims to bring the interoperability feature alive.

Pavia avatar by readyplayer.me
Avatar created on readyplayer.me

Pavia Policy ID:

Pavia Policy ID is the smart contract that identifies the authenticity of LAND parcels. A user must take the step and check the policy ID of the Pavia LAND parcel before purchasing it on the CNFT resale market. The policy ID is shared below –

Policy ID:     4bf184e01e0f163296ab253edd60774e2d34367d0e7b6cbc689b567d


Pavia has its own map of the metaverse. The map helps the owners identify their location in the game and it’s the place where users can find & jump into the location they wish to explore. Maps also highlight the owners of the respective LANDs.

new pavia map
MAP of the Metaverse


Each metaverse has its own marketplace and Pavia is no different. Pavia is supported by the Cardano NFT marketplace. The in-world game items, LAND parcels, Estates and everything related to Pavia that holds value can be bought and sold in this marketplace.

Pavia Merch for Pavia Explorers:

Pavia has joined hands with Ready Player Me to give the metaverse Avatars a new look with Pavia Merch. Pavia Land owners will receive Pavia merchandise i.e Cap, T-shirts, Pants etc to flaunt in the Pavia metaverse or immersive games.

A total of 100,000 pieces of NFT merch will be minted and is open to be claimed until August 25th 2022. The Land owner has to pay 4 ADA per merch and a small amount of gas fee to claim his Pavia merch. All the merch owners will be called Pavia explorers & represent the Pavia universe.

There’s a 5% royalty fee attached to the NFT which is split 50/50 between Pavia Corp. & Ready Player Me. Pavia will use this fee to reinvest in the metaverse for future innovations. This will be the first time when a metaverse has launched its own branded NFT merchandise.

Pavia Merch
Pavia Merch

Pavia Roadmap to Metaverse:

Pavia is one of the few crypto projects that have a clear roadmap. The good part, it is on time with the said roadmap. The LAND sale is over, it’s about time for NFT airdrop and the platform to go live. Please refer to the image (shared below) to get an understanding of Pavia’s plan of action –

pavia road map
Image src: Pavia.io

Pavia vs Decentraland:

Project Inception20212015
LAND Parcel Height20 metresUnlimited
LAND size16x16x20 metres33×33 feet
Native token$PAVIA$MANA
Token Supply (Max.)2 billion21.9 billion

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How to buy Pavia LAND Parcel?

Pavia’s initial LAND sale is over. If you have missed the sales and wish to own a piece of LAND parcel, Worry not! it’s easier than you think. Visit the Cardano NFT Marketplace and choose Pavia in the project filter. You can see the LAND parcels on sale in the marketplace.

You can place your bid and purchase it directly on the platform using ADA tokens. I believe, in the future, you can also purchase the LAND parcels on the marketplace using PAVIA tokens.

CNFT- Cardano NFT

Click for Complete steps: How to buy LAND in Pavia Metaverse?

Pavia Crypto Price Prediction:

It is too early to predict the price of the Pavia crypto coin. The project is in the development stage, a lot of work is going on behind the scenes to power up its ecosystem. It’s the first metaverse project on the Cardano blockchain which makes it unique and different from other projects like Sandbox and Decentraland that are built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Metaverse and NFTs are the talk of the town & Pavia has entered just at the right time with the right concept. Once $PAVIA gets listed on the exchange, I won’t be surprised if it crossed $0.50 in the first year of its listing given the soaring demand of Metaverse and NFTs.

Where to buy PAVIA Coin?

Pavia Coin can be purchased from SundaeSwap, the first decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain.

Sundaeswap Order summary

Is Pavia Crypto a good investment?

The news of Facebook rebranding itself to Meta is a clear sign that Metaverse is here to stay for the long haul. Days after the announcement was made, the top metaverse projects in the crypto space like Decentraland and Sandbox have picked up the pace, hitting all-time high and breaking records.

If you’re someone who wanted to be a part of the booming metaverse but missed investing early into the established projects. Pavia is your chance to reclaim the early bird spot. If you have missed the LAND sales, you can still purchase the LAND at a fairly low price (compared to Decentraland) on the Cardano marketplace.

The only caution I have in mind is the blockchain on which the project is running. Decentraland and Sandbox run on Ethereum which is the number 1 blockchain when it comes to executing smart contracts and running Dapps while this will be the first Metaverse project to run on Cardano and it’s still under development at the time of writing this post.

Apart from it, if you’re a metaverse geek, then go ahead and explore Pavia, it won’t disappoint you. Remember to do your due diligence before investing in this or any other crypto project.

This completes my initial review of the Pavia crypto metaverse. In the next post, I will cover Chainlink Crypto and AAVE Crypto projects. If you’re a fan of blockchain technology then please do share this post on your social handles and educate everyone around you. Do remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more informative content, released every week.


Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market. All the information shared in the post is for knowledge purpose only. By no means, it’s financial or investment advice. Readers are responsible for their own investment decisions and should only invest in cryptocurrency after proper research.

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