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Nest Arcade | Universe of Play-to-Earn arcade games on Solana

Blockchain gaming is transforming the way video games are played and Nest Arcade is here to capitalize on this opportunity by offering an entire universe of arcade games built on play-to-earn gaming concept. Fueled by NESTA token, it aims to drive cryptocurrency adoption by creating simple, easy-to-play arcade games coupled with NFT collectibles on one single app. Is Nest Arcade capable of shifting the players to its gaming universe? Is NESTA a good investment? Let’s answer all your question in this review –

Table of Contents

  1. What is Nest Arcade App?
  2. A look into Nest Products
  3. Nest NFT Marketplace
  4. What is NESTA Token?
  5. How Nest Arcade make Money?
  6. NESTA Token IDO
  7. Nest Arcade Benefits
  8. Nest Arcade Drawbacks
  9. Nest Arcade NFT on Solanart
  10. Nest Arcade Token Price
  11. NESTA Token Price Prediction
  12. Where to buy NESTA Token?
  13. Is Nest Arcade a Good Investment?
Nest arcade app

What is Nest Arcade App?

Nest Arcade is the first blockchain-based, play-to-earn arcade gaming app. Built on the Solana blockchain, it aims to be the leader in the mini-games segment by creating a simplistic yet engaging platform with innovative features.

Gaming is the highest earning category in the entertainment industry. With over 3 billion users, it is expected to grow by $119.07 billion in the next 2 years at a CAGR of 12%, creating enough opportunities for the upcoming projects and that’s where Nest Arcade comes into the picture with its gaming app.

Nest Arcade -Gaming Market Growth
Image src: Whitepaper

Nest plans to build a community of gaming enthusiasts, providing them with platform to buy, stake and breed in-game assets which are playable in the game, making an actual profit. The players will have complete ownership of the purchased assets and high-scores. Moreover, players can mint high scores as NFT.

Nest Arcade is a combination of mini-games, NFTs and play-to-earn gaming model

A look into Nest Products:

Nest is the umbrella company that hosts the following sub-products –

Nest Arcade:

Nest arcade is the combination of NFT collectibles and play-to-earn games on Solana. Players can access NFTs and interact with DeFi services seamlessly.

Nest Marketplace:

Marketplace is the place where users can buy and sell NFT collections or in-game items. It’s unclear if the project has plans for renting in-game assets to other players.

Nest Hub:

The hub is for game developers. It’s the place where they publish new games for review and launch their NFT collections for trading in the marketplace.

More products will be added to the Nest ecosystem as the platform expands itself.

Nest NFT Marketplace:

Nest Arcade NFT marketplace

Nest will offer NFT collections that are playable in one or multiple games hosted on Nest Arcade platform. Players can purchase NFT and directly use it in the game to earn more rewards.

Users can buy NFTs using $NESTA or fiat. For every sale in the marketplace, Nest will charge 5% transaction fee. All profits from minting a new NFT asset will go to Nest.

NFT Sales are made in $NEST or Fiat

Nest NFT Collection:

MetaBirds is its first in-home NFT collection. It is a collection of 1600 unique birds randomly generated from 150 attributes. These birds are stored as NFT on the blockchain and can be used in the mini-games.

Nest Metabirds NFT

What is NESTA Token?

NESTA is the native token of Nest Arcade. It’s an SPL token created on the Solana blockchain which serve as in app currency with the following utilities –

  • Staking
  • On-Platform Rewards
  • In-Game Earnings
  • NFT Purchase

Token holders will be able to stake $NESTA and generate a passive income. NESTA will also play a pivotal role in driving in-game economics i.e rewarding users for their activity, earning tokens by playing the mini-games and use $NESTA to purchase in-game assets & NFTs.The earning is directly linked to the quality of NFT used to play the mini-game.

The total supply of NESTA tokens is capped at 1 billion

The tokens will be released in a linear schedule over the span of 5 years. 45 million $NESTA tokens will be released every year. The token distribution is shared below –

NESTA token distribution
NESTA Token Distribution

How Nest Arcade make Money?

Nest Arcade has multiple revenue streams to generate income from its ecosystem.

NFT Sales:

Nest will do NFT drops on quarterly basis. Each drop is unique and specific to the newly added and upcoming mini-games. It will charge 5% transaction fee from NFT sales on the marketplace.

NFT Royalties:

Nest will earn 5% royalty fee from the sale of NFTs in the secondary marketplaces.

NFT Minting:

Nest will keep 100% of the profits generated from minting new assets by the players.

Nest will also charge 2% fee on all in-app transactions


Nest Arcade held the sale of $NESTA tokens on March 5, 2022 on various launchpads, at a price of $0.01 USD per token. The token sale was successful but it failed to impress the investors, generating negative ROI after listing on the exchange.

Nest Arcade IDO

Nest Arcade Benefits:

Multi-Gaming Platform:

Nest Arcade isn’t a single game, it will host many mini-games attracting users from all genres. Players can navigate and play any game of their interest and earn a real-income. Moreover, it presents the following benefits to developers & Players –

Nest arcade value proposition

High earning potential:

The platform offers multi income streams to the players while indulging in the game of their interest. They can stake tokens, earn token rewards for active participation and also rent NFTs to generate passive income.

Ownerships of Assets:

Players are the sole owners of the in-game assets and the NFTs bought by them from the marketplace or freshly minted by them. Moreover, they are free to sell their assets on any other NFT marketplace.

Investors & Partners:

Nest is backed by top investors & partners and has already raised $2.9 million prior to the launch of IDO. Solanium, AB ventuers are some of the known partners of Nest Arcade.

Nest investors and partners
Investors & Partners

Nest Arcade Drawbacks:

Not Multi-chain:

Nest Arcade is not a multi-chain gaming platform which means users can only use Solana wallets to interact with the game. As of now, it does not support other popular networks like Ethereum etc which may slow down the adoption rate.

Project SEED is another blockchain gaming platform that supports multi-chain & cross-chain interactions.

Missing Free-to-Play:

User has to purchase the in-game items and NFT if he wishes to play the game. There’s no free-to-play concept which can be a huge turn-off for players who wants to try the game before purchasing its assets. DeFi Land is one project that offers Free-to-Play option to the users.

Unclear Rewarding System:

Important details related to the rewarding system is yet to be published by the team i.e how much APR will the user earn from staking tokens or how much earning potential is there for the players playing the mini-games? The estimated numbers are yet to be released by the team.

Initial Debacle:

The project has failed to impress the early investors. It yielded a negative ROI after listing on the exchange (DEXes). Users who invested in the IDO recorded an initial loss investing in NESTA.

Nest Arcade NFT on Solanart:

Nest NFTs are also available on Solanart marketplace –

Nesta NFT

Nest Arcade Token Price:

Check the latest price of Nest Arcade token, shared below –

NESTA Token Price Prediction:

Launched in March 2022 in an IDO at just $0.01 USD, the token is fairly new to the crypto world. Unfortunately, it failed to impress the early investors and fell below the IDO price within a month of its launch on popular DEXes.

The volatility is quite poor and price action is non-resilient. We have to wait for the launch of the Nest App to observe a possible improvement in the price action of the token. At the time of writing, NESTA is trading at $0.0071 USD per token, making an all-time low. Unless we hear some development news from the team, expect the token to remain stable at this range or fall down further in value.

Where to buy NESTA Token?

NESTA can be purchased from popular Solana DEXes like Raydium & Serum.

Buy NESTA on radiyum
NESTA on Raydium

Is Nest Arcade a Good Investment?

Nest arcade is targeting 3 markets at once i.e mini-games, NFT and play-to-earn blockchain gaming. It aims to be the hub of mini-games, publishing in-app games for the players and allowing them to earn real money in the form of $NESTA tokens.

Moreover, it will conduct NFT airdrops every quarter for the upcoming games to build its audience before the actual launch of the game. The concept looks good on paper but the team has to do a lot of development work to make it a bug-free and engaging platform.

It is difficult to consider Nest Arcade a good investment until the app is live. NESTA token growth is directly linked to the growth of the app.

To summarize, if you believe that the team is capable of delivering what it promised, then go ahead and invest in NESTA else wait for the launch of the app before investing in this project.

This completes my review of Nest Arcade. In the next post, I will talk about Treasure crypto (MAGIC token) & Cryowar. If you’re a blockchain technology fan, share this post on your social handles and educate everyone around you. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more informative content, released every week.


Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market. All the information shared in the post is for knowledge purpose only. By no means, it’s financial or investment advice. Readers are responsible for their own investment decisions and should only invest in cryptocurrency after proper research.

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