Written by:Paras Katoch

Near Protocol Partnerships that can take NEAR to the Moon

Blockchains are the lifelines of the crypto industry and Near Protocol aims to be the heart of it. Like Ethereum, Near Protocol is an open-source, decentralized and highly scalable chain built for running smart contracts and dapps.

Founded in 2017, it primarily focused on addressing the blockchain trilemma i.e. security, scalability and decentralization. The project is well-funded with team recruited from Meta & Google. Near has attracted meaningful partnerships since its inception. Let’s take a look at them –

1. Near Protocol partnership with Google Cloud:

Near Protocol partners with Google Cloud to bring Web3 adoption across the globe. It is building infrastructure services powered by Google Cloud. This will help it match the demand of the Web3 sector.

According to Drew Gorton, Head of Developer Relations at Near, the Web3 sector is evolving and witnessing change where users want to control their assets, personal data and identity using decentralized blockchains.

Meeting this demand requires a sustainable infrastructure. Therefore, partnering with Google Cloud is the first step in this direction.

2. Infura partnership with Near Protocol:

Owned by ConsenSys, Infura is the leading blockchain development platform that has partnered with Near Protocol to access more Non-EVM compatible blockchains.

The partnership grants Near Protocol community access to over 430,000 Infura developers already building dapps and scaling solutions for Web3.

It will allow developers to build new dapps using popular programming languages like Rust and AssemblyScript with access to premium learning material provided by Near.

The partnership is an attempt to grow and expand the Near ecosystem by encouraging developers to use its highly scalable platform.

Near is also the first layer 1 NON-ETH chain supported on Infura.

3. Flowcarbon and Near Protocol partnership:

Flowcarbon is New York based climate tech company built on blockchain which is dedicated to creating climate change solutions through carbon reduction. Using web3 protocols, flow carbon is creating a marketplace to make it easy and transparent to transact in the carbon market.

Near is also a carbon-neutral blockchain. Its partnership with Flowcarbon will help the blockchain attain carbon negative status. The team has planned to offset its carbon footprint through Flowcarbon.

Near is focused on becoming a sustainable chain without compromising technological advancement. Flowcarbon will help it make sustainable and strengthen its position in Regenerative Finance (ReFi).

4. Near Protocol partnership with RECUR:

RECUR is the premium software platform offering web3 tools to help businesses integrate web3 technology into their ecosystem. It has helped leading enterprises launch innovative, digital collectibles in the web3 space.

Partnership with RECUR will help Near integrate its blockchain into its products. This will encourage Near users to access RECUR builder tools.

Subsequently, the partnership will also enable RECUR users to move their digital collectibles to the Near network, including Near’s marketplaces like Far and Few. This partnership has made Near one of the few blockchains that have access to RECUR tools.

Ethereum, Avalanche and Polygon are the only blockchains allowed to access RECUR.

5. Near Protocol partnership with Chainlink:

Chainlink is the leading oracle in the web3 space that helps bring off-chain data on-chain to support smart contract computations and more. The partnership brings the oracle to its web ecosystem.

Starting with DeFi applications, the Chainlink partnership has enabled Near Protocol to provide secure and reliable access to price feeds, weather data, and other real-time information.

This data can be used by developers to create various types of decentralized applications, including DeFi platforms, prediction markets, and more.

Other Notable Partnerships:

Paras, Flux Protocol, Gitcoin and Metaplex are some of the leading web3 projects Near has partnered with. The Paras partnership has enabled Near Protocol to provide a platform for the creation and trading of unique digital assets.

The Flux Protocol partnership has enabled Near Protocol to provide a stablecoin infrastructure that is fast and scalable, making it easier for developers to create DeFi applications that can handle high transaction volumes.

The Gitcoin partnership has enabled Near Protocol to provide developers with a reliable source of funding for their projects and the Metaplex partnership has enabled Near Protocol to provide a platform for the creation and management of NFT collections.

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