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Introducing Metapreme on Solana | The gaming launchpad that rewards

After the grand success of Axie Infinity (AXIE), blockchain gaming has picked up pace and Metapreme is here to cash on the opportunity. The reason that led to the adoption and success of blockchain-based games is mostly attributed to ownership and play-to-earn gaming concept.

There’re ton of play-to-earn games announced in the last 12 months from known projects like Gala Games (GALA) and Star Atlas. However, it’s difficult for the players to figure out good games from the scammy ones. There’s no dedicated launchpad that reviews and spreads the news about the upcoming blockchain games. That’s where Metapreme fits in.


It aims to be a one-stop-shop gaming platform that helps users invest in upcoming gaming projects and rewards them for their active participation. But that’s not all, it has some interesting features that will entice the users as well as the gamers. Read on as we uncover the project’s potential and what it has for you –

Table of Contents

  1. What is Metapreme?
  2. MetaPreme Launchpad
  3. 2.1 Incubation
  4. Metapreme Guild
  5. 3.1 Contribute and Earn
    3.2 Working Model
    3.2.1 Mission Card
    3.2.2 Mission Reward
    3.2.3 Mission Flow
  6. Metapreme DAO
  7. 4.1 Voting power
    4.2 Treasury DAO
  8. What is PREME Token?
  9. 5.1 Staking PREME
  10. MetaPREME Airdrop
  11. Metapreme Benefits
  12. 7.1 Gaming Launchpad
    7.2 Multichain
    7.3 Community Rewards
  13. Metapreme Drawbacks
  14. 8.1 Disguised Team
  15. PREME Coin Price
  16. Is Metapreme worth investing

What is Metapreme?

Metapreme is a multichain gaming platform that has its own launchpad, guild and DAO that support its ecosystem. Built on Solana blockchain and supported by Solanium Foundation, Metapreme aims to bridge the gap between the gaming projects and the users who wish to be actively involved in these projects to invest, play or earn rewards.

According to the team, there’s a lack of refinement, guidance and value generation between games, players and guilds that can stagnate the growth of play-to-earn games in the long run. Metapreme will enable its community to access high-quality Metaverse and GameFi projects on its multichain ecosystem.

Metapreme refer its members as “Troopers”

Here’re the key pillars of the project –

Metapreme Ecosystem

MetaPreme Launchpad:

Launchpad platform will review and launch gaming projects, starting with Incubation.


As the name suggests, incubation is the process that will review the upcoming gaming projects and incubate the best among the list. The team will follow a checklist to access the quality of the project and performs due diligence before listing it on the platform. The following image reflects its incubation steps –

Incubation Steps

The project is incubated by Solanium Ventures

Metapreme Guild:

Metapreme Guild

The current play-to-earn gaming environment is limited in nature. The major focus is towards the economic incentives to the players that reward them for their active participation. It is a good practice, however, it isn’t sustainable for the long-term survival of any blockchain-based game.

Games driven by economic incentives, quality of gameplay and guilds will ensure their long-term survival. When building a loyal fanbase, gaming guilds comes into the picture which gives birth to a new concept coined by Metapreme –

Contribute and Earn:

Metapreme portal will encourage community contributions and reward the users based on their contribution to the gaming guilds. It has different tiers for the users to contribute in the gaming guilds, therefore it isn’t necessary to be a game player in order to contribute and earn as a contributor.

YOUR is another crypto project with contribute-and-earn revenue model.

Metapreme is betting on community contributions to drive gaming guilds

To simplify things, here’s a quick difference between Game, Gamer and Trooper –

Working Model:

Metapreme guild will reward contributors by organising activities as part of its value creation. The operation model is further divided into the following model –

Mission Card:

Mission card will contain a list of tasks to be completed by the Troopers. All tasks will be listed on the website and assigned by the Metapreme team at first. In order to participate, users have to go through a registration process and connect their wallets.

Mission Reward:

Troopers who complete their tasks on the mission card will be rewarded with Contribution Points (CP) and suPREME tokens. CP is the measurement of the system that determines the user’s community role while suPREME is the financial earnings of the user contribution.

Mission Flow:

Checkout the flow of the complete process from Registration to Mission Rewards, shown in the following image –

Metapreme DAO:

Just like Decentraland DAO, Metapreme DAO will bring decentralization to its ecosystem by giving control to the community contributors. The team will handpick Metapreme contributors who will join hands to build the foundation, conduct research and create proposals along with guild members.

DAO features role-leveling system for the community members. Each member will start from the bottom and depending upon the contributions, members will have a chance to reach the top. Contribution points are required to level up or maintain specific community role in the system.

Role Leveling System

Community role will determine the benefits received by each member

It is important to note that contribution points will be reduced if the member is less active or contribute less to the community over a period of time.

Voting power:

All Troopers will be able to vote for any DAO proposal submitted on the platform ranging from launch selection to rewards distribution.

Treasury DAO:

All the revenue generated from Metapreme business will be added to the Treasury DAO which will be further segregated into revenue vaults. Troopers can stake suPREME to earn yield from the vaults.

What is PREME Token?

PREME is the native token of Metapreme. It is an SPL token that will be issued on the Solana blockchain, followed by other EVM chains. The token is bought by the investors in the IDO held on Feb 23rd, 2022.

PREME is the fuel of Metapreme ecosystem that works as a governance token, ecosystem trading tokens and user incentives token. It can be used in staking, participating in missions, user incentives and more.

The public sale auction price for the token was just $0.003 and the token distribution can be seen in the image shared below –

Token Distribution

The total supply of PREME token is capped at 10 billion

Token Allocation Details

Staking PREME:

Users can stake PREME tokens to earn suPREME tokens in return in a 1:1 ratio. suPREME tokens are SPL tokens that will be issued through the staking system and can be traded in secondary markets. Once the locking period ends, users can redeem suPREME back to PREME.

MetaPREME Airdrop:

MetaPreme airdrop event started on 15th Feb 2022 that ran for a month-long period. The users have to perform a set of tasks in order to earn contribution points. Based on the contribution points accumulated, they will be eligible to receive airdrop on the connected Solana wallet (like Phantom) one month after the closure of the event.

Image src: Medium blog

The tasks are regular airdrop activities ranging from joining the Twitter handle to referring a friend.

Airdrop Tasks

Metapreme Benefits:

Gaming Launchpad:

Metapreme is the first blockchain gaming launchpad for all upcoming gaming projects. It will help users invest early in verified projects that hold good potential. Thereby reducing the exposure to scams and projects with low success rates.


Metapreme aims to be a multichain gaming platform. Supported by Solanium ventures, the project has launched itself on the Solana blockchain and later it plans to expand on other EVM chains.

Community Rewards:

The members of the community will be rewarded for their active contribution. It isn’t necessary to be a game player in order to earn rewards. Users can start from the base and earn their way up to different roles and receive rewards according to their level and contribution to the system.

Metapreme Drawbacks:

Disguised Team:

The team behind the project is unknown. There’s no public page listing the members behind this project. Nothing can be said about their background experience and expertise when it comes to handling blockchain-based projects. On the bright side, the project is supported by Solanium which gives a sense of assurance regarding the legitimacy of the project.

PREME Coin Price:

Watch out for this space for the latest price of PREME coin.

Is Metapreme worth investing?

Frankly speaking, it’s too early to judge the future potential of the project. The concept is new and hasn’t been tested before. The gaming launchpad is a wonderful concept and Metapreme did a great job by adding a layer of “contribute and earn” within its ecosystem. The project is supported by Solanuim ventures which again adds a layer of security around its future developments.

Overall, the project has potential but at the same time, it’s too early to jump into its underdeveloped ecosystem. If you are a gamer and love to play blockchain-based games, this is the project you should keep your eyes on. Be part of the guild and explore the project’s offerings.

Metapreme Video Review –

This completes my review of Metapreme. In the next post I will talk about AAVE V2 Protocol & Cardence launchpad. If you’re a fan of blockchain technology then please do share this post on your social handles and educate everyone around you. Do remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more informative content, released every week.


Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market. All the information shared in the post is for knowledge purpose only. By no means, it’s financial or investment advice. Readers are responsible for their own investment decisions and should only invest in cryptocurrency after proper research.

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