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Kaizen Finance | IDO Launchpad & No Code Token lifecycle management platform

The ecosystem plays a major role in the success of layer1 or layer 2 blockchains. Ethereum is the most successful layer 1 chain because its ecosystem comprises of promising dapps & smart contract protocols helping users utilize the benefits of cryptocurrencies. No matter how good the project is, it always needs a supporting platform to spread its wings and that’s where Kaizen Finance comes into the picture.

Kaizen finance crypto

It’s a platform that manages the complete lifecycle of the project’s token and has more to offer to the team and the investors. Kaizen is a Japanese term that stands for continuous improvement and today, we will review the project and understand if the platform delivers what it stands for –

Table of Contents

  1. What is Kaizen Finance?
  2. Blockchain Terms to Remember
  3. A look into the Kaizen Ecosystem
  4. Kaizen Token Lifecycle Management
  5. What is KZEN Token?
  6. What is Kaizen Priority Pass?
  7. Kaizen Lottery
  8. Kaizen Finance IDO
  9. Kaizen Finance Benefits
  10. Kaizen Finance Drawbacks
  11. Where to buy KZEN token?
  12. Is KZEN worth investing?
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What is Kaizen Finance?

Kaizen Finance is a launchpad and the first cross-chain token lifecycle management platform built for projects and investors. It provides cross-chain tools and services to help projects create, launch, vest, stake, airdrop tokens and more without writing a single code.

Kaizen Finance

For investors, Kaizen helps to unlock the value of their locked tokens by creating a market for trading the future value of locked tokens. Thus helping investors churn the maximum return out of their investments.

Kaizen Finance

Kaizen is operational on Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BSC & more

Blockchain Terms to Remember:

In order to understand the support provided by Kaizen Finance, it’s important to understand the following terms in the blockchain space –

Locked Tokens:

Tokens that are already purchased by the investors but cannot be traded in the market. These tokens are locked for a specific period and sealed off by a smart contract that releases them according to the vesting schedule. This is primarily done to ease off the selling pressure moments after the token sale (public & private), keeping the token value stable for the growth of the project.

Collateralized Tokens:

Tokens that represent the ownership of the locked tokens until they get released, fall under this category. These tokens are immediately distributed to the investors after the completion of the token sale round to guarantee the ownership of the locked tokens. After the completion of the vesting period, collateralized tokens are used to claim the unlocked token on the Kaizen platform.

Collateralized Tokens like kTx can be traded, staked or swapped on the Kaizen DEX i.e kDEX


Vesting is the process of locking and releasing tokens as per the vesting schedule. Vesting is planned according to the smart contract written by the team or it can be released manually by the team.

Vesting Schedule:

If vesting represents the locking and releasing of tokens, the vesting schedule represents the order of releasing the locked tokens according to their distribution. For example, releasing the private sale tokens after 1 year and public sale tokens after 6 months of token sale.

Kaizen cross chains
Blockchains Supported

A look into the Kaizen Ecosystem:

Kaizen ecosystem

Kaizen ecosystem comprises of the following elements –

  • Kaizen UI/UX
  • Kaizen Protocol
  • Kaizen AI Oracle
  • Kaizen DEX
  • Cyber Wallet
  • HyperID
Kaizen finance tools
Kaizen Suite in action

Kaizen UI/UX:

UI/UX facilitate transactions on the platform by providing an interactive interface to the investors. As a control centre for all DeFi transactions, UI/UX converts & processes traders’ instructions in transactional T&C and is further handled by other elements in the ecosystem.

Kaizen Protocol:

Kaizen protocol handles the autonomous smart contract authoring, execution & blockchain processing. It supports multi-chain and cross-chain transactions on all the leading networks like Solana crypto blockchain.

Kaizen AI Oracle:

Like Chainlink (LINK), which helps supply real-time data from off-chain to on-chain. Kaizen AI Oracle ensures the protocol is updated with real-time data providing fair market value (FMV) & preventing arbitrage trading.

Kaizen AI oracle
Kaizen AI Oracle in action

Kaizen DEX:

Kaizen DEX or kDEX is the decentralized exchange for buying and selling collateralized tokens. Its unique feature allows investors to unlock the value of locked tokens by trading them as collateralized tokens. Thus helping maximize their earning potential without missing on the opportunity cost.

Kaizen DEX trading
DEX trading

Cyber Wallet & HyperID:

Cyber wallet is a secured non-custodial decentralized wallet for protecting assets while HyperID is blockchain-based identity validation, protecting assets and maintaining transactional privacy. Users connect their Cyber wallet and Kaizen DAPP suite through their HyperID account.

After linking, they can open the wallet’s dapp menu to launch the Kaizen protocol and engage in the platform activities like trading, swapping, staking and more.

kaizen Hyper ID
Using HyperID to connect Cyber Wallet

The complete suite supports token trading & token launch

Kaizen Token Lifecycle Management:

Token Lifecycle management is a six steps process facilitated by Kaizen.Finance & Kaizen Protocol. It is capable of supporting the complete token lifecycle i.e token creation, vesting, unlocking, trading/swapping, & staking.

Kaizen token lifecycle management

Though the process may sound similar to Solanium, RedKite or Cardence Launchpad, Kaizen claims that there’s no present DeFi protocol that can provide such extensive features & services in a suite.

Checkout token launch using Kaizen Protocol –

Kaizen token launch
Token Launch

The detailed breakdown of steps involved in token lifecycle management are shared in its Whitepaper.

What is KZEN Token?

KZEN is the native token of Kaizen Finance with the following utilities –

  • Governance
  • Platform Fees
  • kDEX Trading


KZEN token holders can vote and decide the project’s onboarding process i.e whether or not certain projects should be approved or disapproved from launching on the Kaizen platform. Token holders can also vote for key proposals deciding the future direction of the platform.

Platform Fees:

Platform fees include Service fees & Staking fees. Projects launching their IDO or other offerings on Kaizen will need to pay Service fees in KZEN tokens. On the other hand, projects who want to use staking features of Kaizen platform will have to stake an equivalent amount of KZEN tokens.

kDEX Trading:

Every asset on kDEX will be trading with KZEN. Users will have to purchase KZEN in order to purchase assets available on the platform.

KZEN tokens has been sold in a private sale and distributed to investors as eKZEN & xKZEN (Collateral tokens)

What is Kaizen Priority Pass?

Kaizen Priority Pass is a premium feature of Kaizen Finance. Investors holding Kaizen Priority Pass are entitled to receive special benefits like priority to participate in IDOs and Private Offerings, admission to Kaizen’s partner projects (becoming a community member) and earning higher APR, staking Kaizen locked tokens.

Kaizen Priority Pass

How to get Kaizen Priority Pass?

In order to get Kaizen Priority Pass, investors have to stake a minimum number of Kaizen locked tokens i.e 2400 xKZEN/eKZEN on BSC, Polygon (MATIC) or Solana network. The complete steps are shared below –

Kaizen priority pass

Kaizen Lottery:

Users need to stake unlocked KZEN tokens to participate in the lottery. The lottery prize depends on the total KZEN staked. Visit the staking tab under Token, connect the wallet and stake KZEN tokens to get a chance to win the lottery.

Claim your reward by visiting the Lottery tab on the website. You can also earn up to 50% staking APR by staking KZEN token on the platform

Kaizen Finance IDO:

Kaizen IDO was launched on March 22, 2022, on RedKite raising $396,000 and selling the token at 0.04 BUSD per KZEN.

Kaizen IDO
IDO on RedKite

Kaizen Finance Benefits:


All smart contracts are reviewed & audited by CERTIK, a leading security expert in the blockchain industry. Getting audited by a reputed firm adds a layer of trust to the project which highlights the technical strength of the project.

Locked Token Trading:

Kaizen DEX is the only platform that allows investors to trade locked tokens that are yet to be released as per the vesting schedule. This saves a great deal of time and encourages token holders to maximize their earning potential using collateralized tokens to trade, stake or swap.

Token Lifecycle Management:

From token creation to token trading, Kaizen takes care of the entire lifecycle and makes sure to give justice to the project’s development and growth.

Multi-layered Security:

Kaizen has introduced HyperID and cyber wallet verification before anyone tries to interact with its DAPPS and access the funds. This is a unique feature which helps protect the investor’s interest and guard their funds against exploitation.

A Functional Concept:

Unlike many other crypto projects, Kaizen is not an on-paper concept. It has already onboarded projects and helped them with its services. Projects like Weld.Money, IOEN.tech etc are already launched on the platform.

Kaizen projects
Projects on Kaizen

Kaizen Finance Drawbacks:

Unknown Team Members:

The project looks promising but the team behind it is still unknown and is working privately. As an investor, I am not aware of the strengths they bring to the table. The potential is quite unclear if there’s little to no info about the team members.


The technical side of the project looks strong and it’s already picking up momentum but the team hasn’t done justice on the marketing front. The IDO is over but there’re many investors who aren’t yet aware of the benefits the project has to offer when compared to its competitors. This reflects in its Twitter following which failed to cross 50K benchmark after a successful IDO completion.

Unclear Tokenomics:

KZEN IDO is over and it’s about to wrap up its community sale. However, there’s no clarity on the KZEN tokenomics. We don’t have information about the total token supply and its vesting schedule. The data is yet to be made public.

Where to buy KZEN token?

The best place to purchase KZEN tokens is kDEX. Investors can also buy Kaizen tokens from the following exchanges –

Kaizen Token

Is KZEN worth investing?

Kaizen is a launchpad and a trading platform. It manages the complete lifecycle of the project’s token and allows investors to invest and trade them in the locked phase. No other platform has this feature of allowing investors to swap, stake or trade locked tokens and earn revenue.

The problem is marketing and unclear tokenomics. The team has done a brilliant job in explaining the technical strength of the project but has failed to market itself. Moreover, KZEN utility is clear but it has unclear tokenomics which means there’s no information on whether or not the token is inflationary or deflationary. Is there a burning process or a supply cap? All these are valid indicators before making an investment decision.

I must say that the project has potential and is worth keeping your eyes on but if you’re thinking of investing early, you may have to hold your horses and wait for some time until the token gets listed on major exchanges.

This completes my review of Kaizen Finance. In the next post, I will talk about Metawear & DeltaFi. If you’re a fan of blockchain technology then do share this post on your social handles and educate everyone around you. Do remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more informative content, released every week.


Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market. All the information shared in the post is for knowledge purpose only. By no means, it’s financial or investment advice. Readers are responsible for their own investment decisions and should only invest in cryptocurrency after proper research.

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