Written by:Paras Katoch

Dymension Crypto blockchain launches Dymension Airdrop. Claim Now!

Dymension crypto blockchain is set to launch its mainnet this year. It aims to overcome the limitation of existing chains like Optimism, MATIC etc. by introducing RollApps.

This post will help you understand the blockchain and take your through the Dymension airdrop and how to claim $DYM tokens.

What is Dymension Crypto?

Dymension is a blockchain powering the Internet with RollApps. Just like existing web application, Dymension aims to introduce RollApps that will be coordinated by Dymension Hub (server) to run the complete ecosystem.

Dymension deploys IBC (inter-blockchain communication protocol) developed by COSMOS to standardized the tokens like ERC standard for Ethereum.

How to claim Dymension Airdrop?

Dymension is distributing $DYM tokens to the eligible wallets on Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos Hub, Celestia, Stride, Osmosis & Stargaze.

User must visit genesis.dymension.xyz to claim the free airdrop. Make sure to enter the correct wallet address and click the Check button.

dymension crypto airdrop is live

Once done, the system will automatically check the wallet’s eligibility. If found eligible, the user will receive the DYM tokens.

The airdrop is for a limited time!

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