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DarleyGo | Solana based NFT Horse racing game | Complete Details

Blockchain games are in full swing. From Play-to-earn to Move-to-earn games like STEPN, each one of them is driving crypto adoption and attracting users with their gameplay and incentives. DarleyGo is the new addition to blockchain games.

Darleygo game

A Solana Ignition Hackathon winner, it is the first NFT racing game of horses. From racing to breeding, players can pick their fav. horses and interact with the DarleyGo metaverse. With two token economy, Can DarleyGo become the next Axie Infinity? Let’s find out by looking at the project’s potential and reviewing the DGE token –

Table of Contents

  1. What is DarleyGo NFT Game?
  2. DarleyGo In-Game History
  3. DarleyGo Gameplay
  4. DarleyGo Token
  5. NFT Marketplace
  6. DarleyGo IDO
  7. DarleyGo Team Members
  8. DarleyGo Benefits
  9. DarleyGo Drawbacks
  10. DarleyGo Token Price
  11. DarleyGo Token Price Prediction
  12. Where to buy DarleyGo token?
  13. Is DarleyGo a Good Investment?
DarleyGo NFT Game

What is DarleyGo NFT Game?

DarleyGo is the first myth-based NFT horse racing game. Built on Solana blockchain, the game allows players to race, train, breed and collect NFT horses. Each horse is unique and exhibits different abilities.

The team has a mission to spread crypto adoption using fun and educational game as a medium that also involves empowering the players by incentivising them with economic in-game opportunities. A vision where racing virtual games drive crypto awareness and help change the world.

DarleyGo In-Game History:

The story is set on the planet Altair in Kavaia Galaxy, populated by the best breed of horses. Darley, Areo and Hayato are the three strongest horse bloodlines, fighting for the top spot in the annual horse competition Horse-Above-All-Horses to bring glory to their bloodline.

DarleyGo Storyline

DarleyGo Gameplay:

DarleyGo NFT gameplay

Racing Mode:

Racing is a PVP (Player vs Player) mode where players compete against each other in regular or special racing events. The event has the following features –

DarleyGo Gameplay

The racing mode has 3 levels with different rewarding systems. Higher-level come with better rewards and high difficulty. It is important to note that winning or losing the race affects the ratings of the horse.

Racing mode is a Free to Race event

Breeding Mode:

Like Axie Infinity, Breeding is an essential part of DarleyGo game. It follows the Pedigree chart in deciding the horse’s abilities and performance. During breeding, a horse has the probability of inheriting its parent’s bloodline, characteristics, mutation and ability.

Horse breeding
Pedigree Chart

There are two ways of breeding the horses in the game –

  • Stud Farm (Hiring a stallion)
  • Breeding horses (For players having stallions and mares i.e male and female horses)

Breeding reminds me of BreederDAO, a project that is entirely focused on breeding NFT characters. Check out DarleyGo breeding methods –

DarleyGo breeding
Src: Whitepaper

The breeding fee increase (both $GXE and $DGE) is proportional to the breeding count

Breeding includes Mutation Probability (MP) to increase the probability of breeding a superior horse better in ability and character than their parent bloodline.

Cross-Bloodline Breeding:

Breeding the same bloodline will produce offspring of the same bloodline. Mutation Probability works when two different bloodlines are bred to produce different offspring. The higher the mutation probability (MP) is of a horse’s pedigree, the higher likelihood of having superior offspring.

Bloodline breeding

There will be cooldown time after breeding and racing

Players should note that the stallion can only breed 15 times & mares can give birth at max 6 times in their lifetime. If a player hits the breeding limit of their horses and still wants more horses, he has to sacrifice (burn) some of his horses in possession to the Kavaia Galaxy.

Training Mode:

In training mode, players can unlock their horse’s abilities and character by utilizing the following training styles –

  • Trotting
  • Galloping


Players will play & complete quests to unlock the horse’s abilities badges. Trotting help players understand their horse’s strengths and weaknesses.


In this training style, players spend $GXE with a training partner to increase their horse’s stamina. Inactive horses of other players can serve as a training partner in exchange for $GXE in the Galloping mode. After each training, the horses get 5 additional races per day.

A horse can undergo Galloping training only twice during its lifetime

DarleyGo Token:

DarleyGo token

Like Star Atlas Game, DarleyGo has a dual token economy –

  • DarleyGo Essence Token
  • Galaxy Essential Token

DarleyGo Essence Token ($DGE):

$DGE is the governance token used in the DarleyGo ecosystem. It is an SPL token with a total supply of 1 billion. Being a governance token, it will be primarily used for breeding, staking, voting, rewards & more.

Darleygo tokenomics

The token supply will be fully unlocked after 5 years.

Galaxy Essential Tokens ($GXE):

GXE is the in-game currency of the DarleyGo ecosystem. Players can use it for breeding, racing, training, rewards and purchasing in-game NFTs. It has an unlimited supply.

NFT Marketplace:

DarleyGo will have its in-house NFT marketplace showcasing in-game NFTs and related game assets which can pe purchased and used by the players in the game.

Apart from showcasing NFT horses, the marketplace will also have assets related to horse racing like virtual stables, paddocks, stable manager and more.

DarleyGo NFT marketplace
NFT Marketplace

DarleyGo IDO:

DarleyGo launched its IDO on March 13, 2022, offering DGE token to the public at a sale price of $0.08. The team has successfully raised $1.6 million from the IDO sale round and now gearing up for the launch of the game.

DarleyGo IDO

DarleyGo Team Members:

The team has a handsome experience in both domains i.e horse racing and blockchain. Alvin Lam is the founder of the project and holds 10+ years of experience in horse racing, business development and blockchain technology. The complete details about the team members can be read from the DarleyGo docs.

DarleyGo Benefits:

Proven Economic Model:

DarleyGo is built on a play-to-earn economic model which is also the famous blockchain gaming revenue model integrated by the popular games like Axie-Infinity and GALA-Games. There’s no risk in trying something that works.

Darleygo Economic model
Economic model

Engaging Gameplay:

The gameplay is engaging. Players can race their horses, train & breed them, all in one game.

Store of Value:

NFT horses can be a good store of value once the game picks up momentum and grows in adoption.

Darleygo Partners
DarleyGo Partners

DarleyGo Drawbacks:

Under Development:

The game is under development. The IDO is over but there’s a lot to be done on the development front. The team is putting in the time but before that, it is more of a risky investment.


DarleyGo is competing with the best. From Axie Infinity to Zed Run, there’re tons of games offering advanced and better gameplay. It is a tough segment to crack especially for the new games.

DarleyGo Token Price:

Please check the latest price of DarleyGo token –

DarleyGo Token Price Prediction:

Frankly speaking, it is too early to predict the price of the DarleyGo token. The game is yet to be launched. We have to wait for another quarter to check the game development and the price action to gauge the interest of the users.

Where to buy DarleyGo token?

Darley Token DGE can be bought from leading Solana DEXes i.e Raydium & Serum.

Is DarleyGo a Good Investment?

DarleyGo is trying to replicate the success of Axie Infinity game. It’s economic and incentive model is quite similar to that of Axie with matching gameplay. We all know AXIE token ($AXE) has turned gamers into millionaires but can we say the same about DarleyGo? I think not, at least not before we witness the actual launch of the game.

There’re many P2E games going live this year, DarleyGo is in my list of potential games to play and invest in but not before its actual launch. I am neutral on the investment front and I encourage you to invest only if you believe in the project or when the project goes live. Till then, be patient with your investment decisions.

This completes my review of DarleyGo NFT game. In the next post, I will talk about Arweave & VisionGame. If you’re a fan of blockchain technology then do share this post on your social handles and educate everyone around you. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more informative content, released every week.


Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market. All the information shared in the post is for knowledge purpose only. By no means, it’s financial or investment advice. Readers are responsible for their own investment decisions and should only invest in cryptocurrency after proper research.

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