Visiongame solana review

VisionGame on Solana | Bringing traditional game experience to blockchain games

Gaming is the fastest-growing segment in the entertainment industry. It has 3 billion users playing video games and generating over $200 billion in yearly revenue. Blockchain gaming is the new segment, registering gradual adoption. However, these games are failing to reach mainstream users because of certain complexities like connecting wallets and purchasing tokens to play …

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Arweave crypto review

Arweave | Uncensorable Archive on the internet that stores data permanently

The other name of blockchain is decentralization. The technology is creating a censorship-free & unbiased environment that cannot be influenced by any central authority. Unfortunately, today’s internet is controlled by a handful of organisations that controls the majority of the information and as the saying goes “who controls the data controls the future“. To help …

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Cens world token review

CENS World | Create-to-Earn Metaverse Blockchain Game that simulates reality

An advancement in blockchain technology clubbed with a higher adoption rate has resulted in the creation of multiple in-demand projects. Blockchain games and Metaverse projects are leading the race, driving high demand and adoption from mainstream users. CENS World is the latest addition to metaverse blockchain games that aims to be the future metaverse open-world …

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